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Reflecting on the Many Blessings of Homeschooling

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Reflecting on the Many Blessings of Homeschooling

I love many things about homeschooling with Heart of Dakota. From time to time, I try to reflect on the blessings I see in our every day life. This reminds me to be thankful for simple things I might be prone to overlook. Fall is an especially busy time for our family because my husband takes on extra weekend jobs guiding for pheasant hunts. Weather starts to get colder, and there is much to do on our acreage to prepare for winter. This is the perfect time for me to reflect on the many blessings of homeschooling, for as the Lord says, by renewing our minds, we can transform our lives. In short, when my thinking is right, my homeschooling goes well. So, counting my blessings is an easy way to keep both my thinking and my homeschooling on track. Here are a few blessings that come to mind!

The Blessing of Being Able to School in Our Home

These are unprecedented times. For many students, school is a scary place to be right now. Masks, social distancing, changes of all kinds inundate kiddos unexpectedly. Now more than ever, I find it an incredible blessing to be able to school in our home. Furthermore, I find it even more of a blessing to be able to school in our home with a Christian curriculum written to be used in that very manner for that very purpose. I don’t have to alter anything. Our Heart of Dakota guides’ plans are written for the home setting already, and they work beautifully. What a blessing!

The Blessing of Being Able to Teach Our Children What We Believe

Turn on the radio, the television, or the Internet, and there is much going on that needs to be discussed with our children. Emotions of all kinds come to the surface as we watch what is happening right here right now in America and across the world. I want to be the ‘first responder’ when my children are trying to make sense of all that is happening. I find it an incredible blessing to share our Christian beliefs with our children. When we read or see or hear things that give us cause for concern, we can at that moment pray with our children, open the Bible to read with our children, or often even just turn to our Heart of Dakota Christian resources. I find it an incredible blessing to be able to teach our children what we believe right within the safety and privacy of our own home.

What blessings come to mind as you reflect on your homeschooling with Heart of Dakota?

So, now it’s your turn! What blessings come to mind as you reflect on your Heart of Dakota homeschooling? If you have a moment, take time to share here! We can be a light to one another in these somewhat darker times. Sometimes all it takes is one person sharing something good, and then another joins in, and before we know it, we’ve all been encouraged simply by counting our blessings together! So, let us count our blessings together! Let us name them one by one, for then we shall see what the Lord has done!

In Christ,


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  1. Alisha

    I love getting to learn right along with my children. Today we learned about Henry Knox and that Fort Knox was named after him. I don’t remember hearing about him before. We spent extra time researching Fort Knox and what its purpose is. Which led to researching gold bars and their value. What fun!
    I am thankful to see my children’s interests and talents blossom, and be a part of facilitating that.
    I am thankful they are getting an education that brings them face to face with God and His truth in multiple subjects, every day.

    1. Learning alongside our children IS such a blessing of homeschooling with HOD! The books are amazing, and they make the people and the events around them come alive. I love what you shared about Henry Knox and all of the connections you and your children made with him. I just did a More Than a CM Moment blog post on this very topic about making memorable connections that will post soon! I also totally agree with you about the blessing of our children learning God’s truth every day. This cannot be overestimated! Every day with God in it in our schooling is a better one than without Him. Thanks for sharing here, Alisha, and for being a light to others!

      In Christ,

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