Creation to Christ

For Ages 9-11, Extending to Ages 12-13

Pack your bags for a faith-filled journey as Creation to Christ takes you on a tour of the ancient world as you’ve never seen it before. Stand amazed at God’s Creation, drift down the Nile in Egypt, step into the sandals of the Hebrews, visit the wonders in Greece and Rome, and witness the miraculous life of Christ and the spread of the gospel! Through 35 exciting weeks of Creation to Christ, your child will learn the geography of Bible lands, examine ancient civilizations, make connections with the Word, and watch as God’s prophecies are ultimately fulfilled in Christ.

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Designed for ages 9 -11, with extensions for ages 12-13, Creation to Christ makes teaching quick and easy by bringing together engaging daily lessons, captivating books, and memorable projects – all from a solid biblical perspective. This unique combination makes school enjoyable to teach and fosters a love for learning and a love for the Lord. Take a look at the beautiful tapestry of literature and subjects your child will get to experience in Creation to Christ.

Books and Subjects

At a Glance

Books and Subjects

At a Glance

NOTE: Not all subjects are pictured (math, grammar, Drawn into the Heart of Reading, and options for older students are excluded).

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Creation to Christ integrates a wide range of subjects with a unit study feel, giving your child a chronological and narrative overview of ancient history from Creation through the time of Christ. The guide also teaches essential skills, while giving you the option to customize key individual subjects like grammar, writing, and math. To learn more about what Creation to Christ includes, have a look below!

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A Snapshot of History

Creation to Christ weaves biblical and ancient history together, taking students on an unforgettable journey through time from the day of Creation through the life of Christ. With a unique blend of living books, engaging activities, and a biblical perspective, Creation to Christ will help students experience the past in a whole new way.

  • Integrate biblical and ancient history through The Story of the Ancient World, Streams of History: Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and other resources while studying civilizations like Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome.
  • Take a whirlwind tour of history as you listen to Diana Waring’s audio What in the World: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.
  • Teach retelling and writing skills with Charlotte-Mason style oral and written narrations.
  • Complete a stunning history notebook filled with beautiful artwork, a colorful timeline, written copywork and period research – a keepsake to treasure for years to come!
  • Learn to sketch with Draw and Write through History.  Draw Babylon’s Hanging Gardens, a Roman chariot, the Great Wall of China, and more!
  • Make daily connections between history and the Bible and pray key Scripture verses from biblical readings.
  • Add to a “Prophecy Fulfillment Chart” as you journey through time and witness how hundreds of Old Testament prophecies are fulfilled through Christ.
  • Bring history to life with fun projects like baking Egyptian Palace Bread, creating a Philistine helmet, and reenacting Phidippides’ famous run from Athens to Sparta.
  • Include older students by using our optional Extension Package. This set of living books adds a fascinating layer to the history study and was chosen for older, independent readers.

A Collection of Read-Alouds

Experience stirring historical fiction, thought-provoking biographies, inspiring nonfiction, and classic literature as read-alouds. Enjoy reading to your child each day as you make connections in a heartfelt way.

  • Choose from three exciting book sets: Boy, Girl or History Interest. Select our Boy or Girl Interest sets for a trip through nine different genres, or use our History Interest Set to read living books linked with your history study.
  • Solve a mystery in ancient Egypt, rule with Cleopatra in the time of Caesar, and travel “The Way” with a new Christian convert – all just a sampling of the stories that await you in our History Interest Set!
  • See the world through the eyes of intriguing characters, get swept away by stories from nine different genres, and travel to different times and places – all within our Boy and Girl Interest Sets.
  • Make biblical connections with passages in Proverbs and build narrating skills through detailed, summary, and creative narrations.

A Trek Through Geography

Travel through the Bible lands of Scripture with A Child’s Geography:  Explore the Holy Land.  Visit the countries of the Middle East through narrative readings and follow-up activities.

  • Explore the countries of Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Saudia Arabia, and Jordan.  As you read about these countries, glimpse how they were long ago and how they’ve changed today.
  • Take part in memorable activities like narrating from “Field Notes,” mapping different regions, and keeping a travel log of sights.
  • Join together in praying for the people of each country and learn about their art, music, poetry, and food.

A Foundation of Scripture

Creation to Christ provides a solid year of biblical study, encouraging students to read God’s Word as they learn about the ancient history of the faith. With Bible readings, historic accounts, and verse memorization set to music, this year of study is sure to have a deep impact on your growing child.

  • Let the Radical Book for Kids be your guide as you learn about men and women who trusted Jesus in the face of great odds.  Discover God’s plan for His chosen people, study the roots of the ancient church, and learn how to live for Christ.
  • See the Bible come alive as students read daily from The Illustrated Family Bible where maps, photographs, and diagrams bring ancient cultures to life.
  • Learn the parts of prayer and pray meditatively from each day’s Scripture reading.
  • Make Scripture memorization a joyful experience by using repetition, copywork, and music to memorize Philippians Chapter 2.

A Look at Grammar, Writing, and Spelling

Creation to Christ teaches foundational language arts skills through a unique combination of Charlotte Mason-style dictation exercises, a choice of grammar options, and a variety of creative writing approaches. You can use your own resources for grammar and writing, or use our time-tested selections as planned in Creation to Christ.

  • Enjoy thorough grammar and writing lessons with a choice of either Building with Diligence or Following the Plan. These comprehensive, God-honoring texts are easy-to-use and teach key concepts of grammar, mechanics, and writing. No matter which option you choose, both texts are scheduled in Creation to Christ.
  • Learn creative writing by studying literary passages from respected and well-loved authors with Write with the Best: Vol. I. As students identify what makes writing “great,” they will be encouraged to make their own writing more inventive, descriptive, and vivid.
  • Practice spelling using the Charlotte Mason method of studied dictation.  Using passages provided in Creation to Christ, your child will study a passage and then reproduce it as you dictate the passage aloud. This process quickly builds writing skills while teaching spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

A Journey Through Literature

Jump straight into the heart of reading with Drawn into the Heart of Reading, our literature program designed to help readers enjoy and evaluate great literature from a Christian perspective.

  • Savor a wide scale of engaging literature while learning about different genres, story elements, and literary concepts.  Choose books to read from your own library, or pick one of our amazing literature packages filled with character-building selections and time-tested classics that fit perfectly.
  • Weigh characters by their actions and measure their decisions against the standard provided in the Bible. As students analyze literature from a biblical perspective, they will learn to recognize Godly character traits and apply them in daily life.
  • Enjoy thought-provoking discussions and exciting projects tied to fascinating literature. As students dig beneath the surface of what they read, they’ll complete graphic-organizer style pages to solidify what they’ve learned.

Note: If you’d like to learn more about Drawn into the Heart of Reading, you can find more information here.

A Peek at Poetry

Creation to Christ includes a unique combination of poetry and painting, using art to illustrate scenic poetry. Through this year of study, students will become familiar with the descriptive works of Robert Frost, a poet famous for bringing the New England countryside to life.

  • Read and appreciate classic poems written by Robert Frost and learn to distinguish different elements of poetry such as form, rhyme, and rhythm.
  • Discover the life of Robert Frost and share his work through weekly poetry readings. Copy excerpts from each poem and choose your favorites to memorize and take to heart.
  • Learn about poetry moods and experiment with creative painting techniques to illustrate each poem. By the end of the year, students will have a magnificent collection of paintings representing the poetry of Robert Frost.

A Structure for Mathematics

Creation to Christ allows you to use your own math or choose a level from the well-known Singapore Primary Math Series.  For your convenience, daily schedules for a variety of Singapore Math levels are provided in the Creation to Christ guide.

  • A choice of three Singapore levels is scheduled in Creation to Christ: Level 3A/3B, Level 4A/4B, or Level 5A/5B. Each level provides a full year of math, with the ‘A’ and ‘B’ books each equaling a semester.
  • Utilize Singapore’s concise math texts to build problem-solving and critical thinking skills. By featuring an approach that moves from concrete to pictorial to abstract, Singapore math teaches advanced concepts in a way that leaves children feeling math can be understood.
  • Visualize and solve problems quickly and efficiently by following the methods modeled in the text. Speech and thought bubbles appear throughout the text to demonstrate the thought process of problem solving, making even the most challenging problems accessible.
  • Learn new mathematical concepts through a spiral progression that builds on concepts already taught.  If a child doesn’t get a concept the first time around, rest easy knowing the concept will come around again in later levels.
  • Use the placement tests available at to find the right placement for your child.  Be sure to select the Primary Mathematics edition of the placement test to match the Primary Math U.S. edition used in the Creation to Christ guide. It helps to note that Singapore Math is considered advanced as children move through the program.

An Exploration of Life Science

Creation to Christ features a unique, living books approach to science that integrates notebooking, narration, relevant Scriptures, and hands-on experiments.  As students delve into life science, they will find what they learn matches up with the Bible.

  • Read fascinating books about life science and God’s design for nature.  Explore God’s creation with Birds of the Air, and investigate the plant and animal kingdoms with Land Animals of the Sixth Day and Plant Life in Field and Garden.
  • Learn about human anatomy with The Illustrated Adventure in Human Anatomy, and observe the advances of medical science over the years in Galen and the Gateway to Medicine and Exploring the History of Medicine.
  • Create science notebook entries, give oral narrations, answer questions, become familiar with scientific terms, and practice biblical application.
  • Conduct quick, hands-on experiments related to the science readings and log the results in a science notebook. Each experiment is easy to complete, uses the scientific method, and is guaranteed to make each day’s discoveries memorable.
  • Draw connections between science and history as topics, people, and events overlap between the two subjects. As students learn about the advance of scientific achievements, they will be able to visualize the historic backdrop behind the discoveries.

Can I Tailor This to
Fit My Child?

Yes! We’ve provided plenty of opportunities to customize in the form of different read-aloud choices and a choice of Bibles. You can choose between various levels of math and language arts, or use your own resources. Our literature program works with any books you choose, but we also provide hand-picked book sets that fit perfectly. Finally, we’ve provided you with an Extension Package to add an extra layer to the history study for older students. No matter what you choose, Creation to Christ pulls it all together for you!

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“WOW! I cannot begin to explain how Creation to Christ has grown us spiritually. I have homeschooled for 11 years, and I have never come across a curriculum that has blessed us so richly.”

Patti in Orangefield, Texas

Look Inside

Creation to Christ includes 35 engaging units with open-and-go daily plans that pull everything together. Units include plans for four days a week, taking 4 to 4 ½ hours a day for students to complete all subjects. Each day is conveniently displayed on a two-page spread, making it easy to organize your day at a glance. Let’s have a better look inside, so you can see what using Creation to Christ is like.

See the Video

In this video, Julie gives a brief overview of Creation to Christ including a quick peek into the daily plans. After watching this video, you’ll have a clear picture of how each day is organized and a better understanding of what to expect from our complete, Christ-centered, Charlotte Mason-style program.

Daily Format

Each day of Creation to Christ is organized to fit on a simple two-page spread divided into “Learning Through History” and “Learning the Basics.” Each subject is contained in its own box coded as ‘T,’ ‘S,’ or ‘I’ to indicate whether it is “Teacher-directed,” “Semi-Independent,” or “Independent.” Boxes can be done in any order, and subjects are seamlessly rotated to cover everything you need. Once you complete each box on the two-page spread, you are done!

Notebook Pages

Our stunning, full-color Student Notebook becomes a special portfolio showcasing what students have learned about the ancient time period. As students work through Creation to Christ, they’ll complete beautiful pages filled with history-themed artwork, a colorful timeline, written copywork, intriguing projects, and period research – a keepsake to treasure for years to come!

Teacher's Guide

Creation to Christ features open-and-go daily plans with an appealing mix of oral, written, hands-on, and academic activities. Daily lessons incorporate a variety of learning styles and a perfect blend of teacher and child. Step-by-step directions, a careful balance of skills, and helpful key ideas bring everything together. By keeping our design both constant and coherent, we have created a strong foundation you can rely on year after year!


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Need something younger?
Have a look at Preparing Hearts for His Glory. It might be just right for your child.

Need something older?
Have a look at Resurrection to Reformation. It might be just the fit you need.

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