Resurrection to Reformation

For Ages 10-12, Extending to Ages 13-14

Get ready to spread the Good News of Jesus as you enter a whole new era in history with Resurrection to Reformation.  Witness the growth of the early church, voyage with the Vikings in the Dark Ages, crusade through the Middle Ages on horseback, experience the art and invention of the Renaissance, ignite the Reformation with Luther, and sail into the Age of Exploration with Magellan. Through 35 exciting weeks of Resurrection to Reformation, your child will map the medieval world, discover famous artists, savor tales from Shakespeare, find hidden treasures in God’s Word, and learn to stand firm in Christ!

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Designed for ages 10-12, with extensions for ages 13-14, Resurrection to Reformation makes teaching quick and easy by bringing together engaging daily lessons, captivating books, and memorable projects – all from a solid biblical perspective. This unique combination makes school enjoyable to teach and fosters a love for learning and a love for the Lord.  Take a look at the beautiful tapestry of literature and subjects your child will get to experience in Resurrection to Reformation

Books and Subjects

At a Glance

Books and Subjects

At a Glance

NOTE: Not all subjects are pictured (math, grammar, Drawn into the Heart of Reading, and options for older students are excluded).

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Resurrection to Reformation integrates a wide range of subjects with a unit study feel, giving your child a chronological and narrative overview of history from the Resurrection of Christ through the Age of Exploration.  The guide also teaches essential skills, while giving you the option to customize key individual subjects like grammar, writing, and math. To learn more about what Resurrection to Reformation includes, have a look below!

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A Snapshot of History

Resurrection to Reformation integrates church and world history as it provides a fascinating chronicle of the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, and exploration of the New World.  With a unique blend of living books, engaging activities, and a biblical perspective, Resurrection to Reformation will give students an unforgettable look at the rapidly changing world after Christ’s Resurrection.

  • Discover early Christian heroes in Peril and Peace and Monks and Mystics. See how God drew together people from different countries, cultures, and times to build the Christian church.
  • Explore the medieval world through The Story of the Middle Ages and Famous Men of the Middle Ages to learn what life was like for peasants, knights, and nobles.
  • Experience the Renaissance, Reformation, and New World through the eyes of those who lived it in the The Mystery of History:  Volume 3.
  • Observe God’s guiding hand through the centuries while listening to Diana Waring’s audio What in the World: Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries.
  • Teach retelling and writing skills with Charlotte-Mason style oral and written narrations.
  • Complete a stunning history notebook filled with period research, vibrant postcards, an illustrated timeline, written copywork, and classic art from famous artists – a keepsake to treasure for years to come!
  • Learn to sketch with Draw and Write through History.  Draw a Viking ship, a medieval castle, Robin Hood, a Japanese Samurai and more!
  • Bring history to life with enjoyable projects like building a Roman arch out of air-dry clay, baking loaves of bread with hidden Scriptures inside, designing a medieval pennant, and making a Spanish “Pieces of Eight” coin.
  • Include older students by using our optional Extension Package. This set of living books adds a fascinating layer to the history study and was chosen for older, independent readers. 

A Collection of Read-Alouds

Experience stirring historical fiction, thought-provoking biographies, inspiring nonfiction, and classic literature as read-alouds.  Enjoy reading to your child each day as you make connections in a heartfelt way.

  • Read living books linked with your journey through history.  Visit the forbidden temple in Jerusalem, survive escape from a Viking ship, translate the Bible with John Wycliffe, write Pilgrim’s Progress from prison, and change the course of American history with Squanto – all just a sampling of what awaits you!
  • Locate vivid descriptions and new vocabulary, identify plot twists, recognize strong moods, and copy great lines – all while building retelling skills through oral narrations and learning life lessons from each story.

A Trek Through Geography

Resurrection to Reformation helps students map their way through history, bringing the time period from Christ’s Resurrection through the Age of Exploration to life! As students study geography and practice mapping skills, they will learn about the places behind historic events.

  • Use the Map Trek CD to print a variety of colorful maps for students to complete.  These maps illustrate historic empires, time periods, conquests, and routes.
  • Map the empires of Rome, Africa, China, Japan, South America, Europe, Russia, and more.  Track events like the spread of world religions, the Black Death, the Hundred Years’ War, and the routes of early explorers.
  • Use the World History Atlas to take a comparative look at color-coded maps showing various regions through time.  These carefully selected maps provide global coverage of the major historical periods and help students visualize the changes taking place in history.

A Foundation of Scripture

Resurrection to Reformation helps students learn the lifelong habit of digging into Scripture for God’s truth.  As students inductively study Philippians, memorize Scripture, read heartfelt devotionals, and spend time in prayer, they will discover truths that will help them grow into Godly young adults.

Bible Quiet Time

  • Dig beneath the surface of daily Bible readings with The Hidden Treasures in Philippians. Step by step – like an archaeologist – students will dig, sift and sort their way through biblical passages to uncover truths that will help them the rest of their lives.
  • Take time to be quiet in the presence of God and pray from the four parts of prayer:  adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.
  • Make Scripture memorization a joyful experience by using repetition, copywork, and music to memorize all of Philippians Chapter 1.

Devotional Bible Study

  • Find guidance on growing into a Godly young man or woman while reading, studying, and discussing topics from either Boyhood and Beyond or Beautiful Girlhood.
  • Discuss the changes taking place in your child’s maturing body using either From Boy to Man or From Girl to Woman.  Changes are shared in a discreet, modest way, with no provoking illustrations.
  • Use What is God’s Design for my Body? to discuss growing into an adult and God’s plan for consummation in marriage.  This sensitive, informative booklet uses key biblical principles and encouraging testimonies to emphasize God’s original purpose and design for marriage.

A View of Shakespeare

Resurrection to Reformation brings the literature of the past to life, as students learn to appreciate and enjoy the tales of Shakespeare.  Through Resurrection to Reformation, students will begin to understand Shakespeare’s complex plots while gaining a fresh enthusiasm for the literature of the time.

  • Experience the drama of Shakespeare’s plays told in story form through Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare.  These delightful retellings provide an excellent introduction to the themes, characters, and plots of one of the world’s greatest playwrights.
  • Make connections with the text while reading 18 of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies, tragedies, and dramas. Shakespeare’s own language is used as much as possible to accustom children to the English of the Elizabethan age. This makes the transition to reading the plays themselves much easier.
  • Enjoy Shakespeare Student Notebook pages filled with illustrations to color and quotes to copy.  By the time they finish the last tale from Shakespeare, students will have a beautiful set of illustrations and quotes reflecting their study of Shakespeare.

A Picture of Art

Resurrection to Reformation encourages students to learn about the past through the works of famous artists of the time.  As students examine classic paintings and practice Charlotte Mason-style picture study, they will gain a fresh appreciation for art.

  • Enjoy delving into the world of painting through the clear prose and 150 full-color illustrations in Looking at Pictures. With guiding questions and tips for observation, Looking at Pictures encourages readers to notice the hidden details in paintings and ensures they come away with a new enthusiasm for art.
  • Use Charlotte Mason’s picture study techniques to examine and discuss famous artwork by Leonardo, Rembrandt, Monet, Matisse and more.
  • Learn to distinguish different artistic techniques such as color, light, and composition.
  • Grasp basic painting concepts and become familiar with different types of artistic expression from landscapes to portraits to still life paintings.

A Journey Through Literature

Jump straight into the heart of reading with Drawn into the Heart of Reading, our literature program designed to help readers enjoy and evaluate great literature from a Christian perspective.

  • Savor a wide scale of engaging literature while learning about different genres, story elements, and literary concepts.  Choose books to read from your own library, or pick one of our amazing literature packages filled with character-building selections and time-tested classics that fit perfectly.
  • Weigh characters by their actions and measure their decisions against the standard provided in the Bible. As students analyze literature from a biblical perspective, they will learn to recognize Godly character traits and apply them in daily life.
  • Enjoy thought-provoking discussions and exciting projects tied to fascinating literature. As students dig beneath the surface of what they read, they’ll complete graphic-organizer style pages to solidify what they’ve learned.

Note: If you’d like to learn more about Drawn into the Heart of Reading, you can find more information here.

A Look at Grammar, Writing, and Spelling

Heart of Dakota teaches foundational language arts skills through a unique combination of Charlotte Mason-style dictation exercises, a choice of grammar options, and a variety of creative writing approaches.  You can use your own resources for grammar and writing, or use our time-tested selections as planned in Resurrection to Reformation.

  • Practice spelling using the Charlotte Mason method of studied dictation.  Using passages provided in Resurrection to Reformation, your child will study a passage and then reproduce it as you dictate the passage aloud. This process quickly builds writing skills while teaching spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • Enjoy thorough grammar and writing lessons with a choice of continuing either Building With Diligence or Following the Plan. These comprehensive, God-honoring texts are easy-to-use and teach key concepts of grammar, mechanics, and writing. No matter which option you choose, both texts are scheduled in Resurrection to Reformation.
  • Write from notes, tell narrative stories, summarize references, compose formal essays, and practice critiques in Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons.  Using sources that touch on major Medieval and Renaissance themes, topics tie well to the history study in Resurrection to Reformation.  Lessons feature clear assignments, specific objectives, and detailed checklists for structure and style. 

A Peek at Poetry

Resurrection to Reformation introduces students to the classic poetry of Emily Dickinson.  Through weekly poetry discussions, students will search for the deeper meaning in Dickinson’s poems and discover the enduring qualities that make her work timeless.

  • Read and appreciate classic poems written by Emily Dickinson.  Learn unfamiliar vocabulary as you discuss questions related to the meaning of each poem.
  • Learn about poetic devices such as repetition, rhyme, meter, imagery, personification, alliteration, and more.
  • Discover Emily Dickinson’s inspiration for her poetry, share her poems, and evaluate each poem to uncover its deeper meaning.
  • Choose favorite poems to memorize, copy, and take to heart.

A Structure for Mathematics

Resurrection to Reformation allows you to use your own math or choose a level from the well-known Singapore Primary Math Series.  For your convenience, daily schedules for a variety of  Singapore Math levels are provided in the Resurrection to Reformation guide.

  • A choice of three Singapore levels is scheduled in Resurrection to Reformation: Level 4A/4B, Level 5A/5B, or Level 6A/6B. Each level provides a full year of math, with the ‘A’ and ‘B’ books each equaling a semester.
  • Utilize Singapore’s concise math texts to build problem-solving and critical thinking skills. By featuring an approach that moves from concrete to pictorial to abstract, Singapore math teaches advanced concepts in a way that leaves children feeling math can be understood.
  • Visualize and solve problems quickly and efficiently by following the methods modeled in the text. Speech and thought bubbles appear throughout the text to demonstrate the thought process of problem solving, making even the most challenging problems accessible.
  • Learn new mathematical concepts through a spiral progression that builds on concepts already taught.  If a child doesn’t get a concept the first time around, rest easy knowing the concept will come around again in later levels.
  • Use the placement tests available at to find the right placement for your child.  Be sure to select the Primary Mathematics edition of the placement test to match the Primary Math U.S. edition used in the Resurrection to Reformation guide. It helps to note that Singapore Math is considered advanced as children move through the program.

An Exploration of Earth Science

Resurrection to Reformation features a unique, living books approach to science that integrates notebooking, narration, relevant Scriptures, and hands-on experiments.  As students delve into earth science, they will find what they learn matches up with the Bible.

  • Learn about God’s wonderful design for our planet, the solar system, and the universe while reading fascinating earth science books like Exploring Creation with Astronomy, A Child’s Geography, and Exploring Planet Earth.
  • Investigate our solar system, study Earth’s composition and layers, observe the wonders of our galaxy, and explore our planet through the work of famous scientists and explorers.
  • Learn about the size of the Earth with Eratosthenes, the cosmos with Galileo, the tides with Isaac Newton, the atmosphere with Blaise Pascal, comets with Edmund Halley and so much more!
  • Enjoy Charlotte Mason-style narration prompts, notebooking, and hands-on projects along with relevant Scriptures, copywork, postcard templates, and more.
  • Conduct quick, hands-on experiments related to the science readings and log the results in a science notebook. Each experiment is easy to complete, uses the scientific method, and is guaranteed to make each day’s discoveries memorable.
  • Draw connections between science and history as topics, people, and events overlap between the two subjects. As students learn about the advance of scientific achievements, they will be able to visualize the historic backdrop behind the discoveries.

Can I Tailor This to
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Yes! We’ve provided plenty of opportunities to customize with boy and girl selections for devotions, options for science, and an optional Shakespeare study. You can choose between various levels of math and language arts, or use your own resources. Our literature program works with any books you choose, but we also provide hand-picked book sets that fit perfectly.  Finally, we’ve provided an Extension Package that adds an extra layer to the history study for older students. No matter what you choose, Resurrection to Reformation pulls it all together for you!

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“We have been so blessed by Resurrection to Reformation this year! This guide really builds an independent love of learning and independence in coming to know God deeper and personally.”

Brenda in Buford, Georgia

Look Inside

Resurrection to Reformation includes 35 engaging units with open-and-go daily plans that pull everything together.  Units include plans for four days a week, taking 4 to 4 ½ hours a day for students to complete all subjects.  Each day is conveniently displayed on a two-page spread, making it easy to organize your day at a glance.  Let’s have a better look inside, so you can see what using Resurrection to Reformation is like.

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In this video, Julie gives a brief overview of Resurrection to Reformation including a quick peek into the daily plans.  After watching this video, you’ll have a clear picture of how each day is organized and a better understanding of what to expect from our complete, Christ-centered, Charlotte Mason-style program.

Daily Format

Each day of Resurrection to Reformation is organized on a simple two-page spread divided into “Learning Through History” and “Learning the Basics.” Each subject is contained in its own box coded ‘T,’ ‘S,’ or ‘I’ to show whether it is “Teacher-directed,” “Semi-Independent,” or “Independent.” Boxes can be done in any order, and subjects are seamlessly rotated to cover everything you need. Once you complete each box on the two-page spread, you are done!

Notebook Pages

Our stunning, full-color Student Notebook becomes a special portfolio showcasing what students have learned on their journey through history.  As students work through Resurrection to Reformation, they’ll complete beautiful pages filled with vibrant postcards, an illustrated timeline, written copywork, intriguing projects, period research, and classic art from famous artists – a keepsake to treasure for years to come! An additional Shakespeare Student Notebook corresponds with the Shakespeare study, including illustrations to color and quotes to copy from Shakespeare’s plays. 

Teacher's Guide

Resurrection to Reformation features open-and-go daily plans with an appealing mix of oral, written, hands-on, and academic activities.  Daily lessons incorporate a variety of learning styles and a perfect blend of teacher and child.  Step-by-step directions, a careful balance of skills, and helpful key ideas bring everything together.  By keeping our design both constant and coherent, we have created a strong foundation you can rely on year after year.




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Need something younger?
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Need something older?
Have a look at Revival to Revolution. It might be just the fit you need.

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