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In general, what are the overarching Bible goals in Heart of Dakota?

I’m wanting to know the overarching biblical philosophy in general for the entire curriculum. I realize this is a broad question! However, I’m wanting to know where we’re headed, if that makes sense. We are currently using Little Hearts for His Glory (LHFHG). I like the Family Time Bible and how it is used in LHFHG. This book nicely lays the foundation of the Bible as history. We have had some amazing discussions with Devotions for the Children’s Hour. Looking ahead, I can gather some of the overarching Bible goals from the materials listed in the catalog. Not having used any other levels, I would just like to wrap my head around the flow of the biblical teaching. Specifically, I want to see how it will help me disciple my children and introduce them to a hurting world.


“Ms. Please Help Me Understand HOD’s Overarching Biblical Philosophy in General”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Me Understand HOD’s Overarching Biblical Philosophy in General,”

Our overarching Biblical goal at Heart of Dakota (HOD) is to include God’s Holy Word every day in as many areas as possible. We don’t want children to see the Bible as a separate subject. Rather, we want them to see the Bible as a part of everything they do. We want children in the Word often and repeatedly throughout the day. An overarching goal is for them to understand that the Bible is to be open often. It is meant to guide them in all things.

Overarching Goal: Seek answers and direction from God’s Word and learn to love it!

We also desire for children to seek answers and direction for living from God’s Word. An overarching goal is for them to learn to love His Word with all their hearts, souls, and minds. We want them to understand that the Bible is ‘God’s Words to us’ on how we are to live our lives to glorify Him. There is no greater goal on this earth than to strive to worship and glorify our Savior with our lives. We write each HOD guide with the hope that it will help our children in this goal. So, this is one very important overarching goal for our children!

Overarching Goal: The Bible is inerrant, God-breathed, and applicable to daily living!

We believe the Bible is inerrant, God-breathed, and applicable every day in all we do. We believe it reveals our desperate need for a Savior and God’s grace, which God poured out on us through His plan for our salvation by willingly sacrificing His only Son. Jesus’ sacrifice of His own life on the cross paid for our sins. Jesus provided a way for sinners like me to enter heaven. Belief in Christ Jesus as God’s Son, fully man and fully God, is the only way to heaven. We believe in the virgin birth of our Savior. We also believe we need for Him to save us from sin that has been in the world since the fall of man. This is obviously an incredibly important overarching goal for our children – the cornerstone!

Overarching Goal: We are created in God’s image, and Scripture is the source for all answers!

We believe that we are created in God’s image and are created to glorify Him. This is the doctrine that is set forth in God’s Word and what we teach over.  We point children to the Scripture as the source for all answers. Devotions are never done without turning to God’s Word. Scripture passages and verses are a part of every devotion time. God’s Word is the ultimate focus of all things Biblical within HOD. This is yet another overarching goal for our children and the way they view the Bible!

Overarching Goal: Bible Study – “A Look at Each Subject Area”

To help us get started in describing the overarching Bible goals within HOD, I’ll include our description of Bible Study from our “A Look at Each Subject Area” on our board:

…And finally, we come to the most important area in our programs: Bible study. While homeschooling our first son, we found it too easy to place Bible into one time slot. It was too easy to study it as a separate “subject”. This made the Bible seem to be of equal importance as all of the other academic subjects. We want our children to know that the Bible is special and that it’s more important than anything else. To do that, we realized the Bible needed to be integrated throughout our day as much as possible.

Our programs weave God’s Word throughout our readings, our poetry, our history, our science, our writing, our music, our study of English, and our memory work. Using this method, our children are reminded to measure their thoughts, words, and deeds all throughout the day with God’s Word. Our programs also have a daily Bible study time. We pray this will train our children in the habit of seeking God’s Word daily.

In the hustle and bustle of the school day, it is easy to forget that our most important goal is to help our children glorify God with their lives each day. Our programs strive to be a daily reminder of that goal. Glorifying God is the only goal that matters for eternity. This is my best general description of our overarching Bible goals in HOD!


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