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United States History I: Weekly Check-In Rewind

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United States History I Rewind

This week I am sharing a blast from the past. I chose a Heart of Dakota Weekly Check-In from February 26, 2017. Wyatt, who is now 21 years old, was then a junior in high school working on his United States History I guide. Sometimes I like to share past Heart of Dakota posts, so different guides are represented than the ones I am doing now. So, here is a United States History I rewind!

United States History I: Narrations About King Andrew, Seward’s Folly, and Reconstruction

We are in Unit 33 of the United States History I guide. Wyatt has been studying King Andrew, Seward’s Folly, and Reconstruction. This was such a tumultuous time in history! Wyatt’s oral narrations have been so interesting to listen to. I’ve also enjoyed hearing his written narrations as he reads them aloud to me. I don’t have time to read all of his history books prior to hearing his narrations (nor do I feel that is necessary), but he hands the book to me open to the starting page of the reading, and I skim it as he narrates. This has worked so well!

The Key Ideas in the guide help me as well. I also like to have Wyatt’s United States History I guide open on my lap, and I put little check marks next to each portion of the plans as he narrates upon them. This helps me remember to check for each part of the plans, so no skills are missed. For example, if a visual aid is to be used sometime during the narration, I check that when he uses it, making he sure he remembers this is an expected part of the narration.

United States History I: Detailed Narration

One of the United States History I narrations this week was a “Detailed Narration.” For this narration, I read the first sentence of each paragraph in America: The Last Best Hope as a starting point for each part of the narration. This kind of narration has really taught Wyatt to pace his narrating, sequencing it properly so that he doesn’t get too far into the next part before I read the next sentence. It is a back and forth kind of way to nicely balance the narration, and it has really taught him to plan out what he is going to say accordingly.

He also used a political cartoon from his United States History I Student Notebook as a visual aid during his narration. This having many things to remember while presenting information in an orderly fashion reminds me of just the set of skills one needs when making a presentation for church, work, or college. I am glad he is getting this practice!

United States History I: Great Documents in U.S History, Chemistry, Grammar, and Government

The Comprehension Questions based upon Great Documents in U.S. History have been another growing experience for Wyatt. The questions delve more deeply into these important documents, and he has learned to enjoy answering them.

Wyatt is nearing the end of his United States History I Chemistry course, and it has been a good year! Here is one of his experiment follow-ups:

In Grammar, he has been completing a research report about bees. He is now writing his report based on his research. As always, R & S English did a super job of teaching him to systematically prepare a solid report and presentation.

Wyatt continues to enjoy his United States History I Government class as well, and he’s very interested in following the current politics ensuing in the U.S. now. Of course, we must end the week with Wyatt making his famous homemade popcorn!

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