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New Preparing Hearts notebook pages and guide!

Preparing Hearts notebook pages announcement
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We are excited to announce the release of two brand-new, full-color Preparing Hearts for His Glory Notebooks! At the same time, we are releasing an updated, color version of our Preparing Hearts guide.

Introducing… two new notebooks!

The reason it took longer than expected to get these notebooks done is that we needed two new notebooks for Preparing Hearts for His Glory – instead of one. We think both notebooks turned out amazing, and we hope you agree!

The first Student Notebook goes with the Economy Package set of books and its corresponding “Reading About History” assignments. These assignments include written narrations, vocabulary, and timeline.

The second notebook goes with the Deluxe Package set of books and its corresponding “Independent History Study” assignments. Notebook assignments include sketching, writing facts, and cursive copywork of quotes, literary passages, and Bible verses. The goal of the Deluxe Package is to train students to follow written directions and gain the independent work skills they will need for Creation to Christ.

After using Preparing Hearts many times with our own boys, we are excited that these new notebooks make this much-loved guide even better!

Also introducing… our updated, color Preparing Hearts guide!

We are also excited to announce our updated and revised Preparing Hearts guide! Cosmetically, we’ve brought it up to current standards by printing the interior pages in color for a fresh new look. In addition, we’ve re-written the daily plans to include our new notebook pages, making completing the daily assignments easier and even better than before! You can see the colorization and how the new notebook pages are used in the first week of plans here.

What if I’m using an older guide?

Of course you can still use your older guide! However, if you desire to use the new notebooking pages, it is best to purchase the new guide. If you purchased the Preparing Hearts guide from us previously, you can return your old guide (using a postage paid label we provide) and receive 50% off the new color guide. Just contact us and let us know you want to make the swap. Then, we will look up your previous order and mail out your postage paid label to return your old guide.

Available for purchase now!

This announcement marks the end of a journey, and we are thrilled to finally offer these new notebooks to you! We pray they will make your family’s school days easier, more engaging, and more open-and-go. You can order the notebook pages and the new guide here on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by replying to this email or giving us a call. We will be happy to help you!

Have a blessed day!

In Christ,
Heart of Dakota

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    1. Good afternoon!

      Thank you for your interest in the option of using Preparing Hearts for His Glory’s new notebooks! As you ponder what you’d like to do, the following excerpts of posts on our HOD Message Board should help you make the decision that is best for you and your family:

      Carrie’s Post Regarding the New Notebooks and Guide:
      … I actually ended up having to make two notebooks for Preparing Hearts! We needed two notebooks because in addition to the “Reading About History” assignments, there are “Independent History Study” assignments such as drawing, and copywork, and notebooking that go with the separate “Deluxe Package” set of books. This is a unique package for Preparing Hearts that is used to incrementally train students in the independent skills they will need for Creation to Christ the next year. So that particular package needed its own set of notebooking pages. 😀

      Then, we have the written narrations, vocabulary, and timeline parts of the Preparing Hearts guide – which all go with the “Reading About History” box of plans and the Economy Package of books. So, we combined those three areas into a second notebook with three sections – one for each of those areas. It turned out amazing! After using Preparing Hearts over and over with our own boys, I am excited about how these two notebooks will make this guide even better! :

      Of course, families can still use their older guides, but if they desire to use the new notebooking pages, it would be best if they purchase the new guide. For all those families who purchased the Preparing Hearts guide from us previously, you can return your old guide (using a postage paid label we provide) and receive 50% off the new color guide upon…

      Further details from a post I posted that may help too:
      …I’ve seen the new guide and the notebooks, and I truly think all are worth having, especially with Mike and Carrie offering the half-off Guide Exchange Program! However, we know budgets impact decisions too. Carrie and I both feel the new guide is definitely needed for the new Independent Student Notebook Pages. For the new Student Notebook Pages, the first week of plans of the new PHFHG guide could be printed off from our website at the following link:


      You could try to follow the pattern of the first week of plans to use the new Student Notebook Pages with an older PHFHG guide. It won’t be as open-and-go, but if you are on a tight budget, you could give that a try!

      Otherwise, if you are on a really tight budget, your old guide will work just fine! Carrie and I used the old PHFHG guide with (combined) 6 of our own sons and loved it! It remains one of our favorite guides, and we hear that comment from many other homeschool families as well!

      No matter which of these ways you end up using PHFHG, we pray you love your time in it as much as we did!

      I hope that helps as you ponder what you’d like to do! If you have any other questions, please let us know!

      In Christ,
      Julie Grosz, M.Ed.

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