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Scheduled breaks are important!

Heart of Dakota Teaching Tip - Scheduled breaks are important.
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Teaching Tip: 

Scheduled breaks are important!

As we are in the midst of summer in South Dakota, I am reminded of the importance of taking a break from school. Scheduled time off is important for both parent and child. It is a time to rest, rejuvenate, ponder, and do projects.  Breaks lend themselves to a different kind of schedule.  The freedom of a break is good for the soul.  Often, if you don’t take time off, you will eventually lose steam and end up taking an unscheduled break anyway.

Should you take a break if you already missed more school than you would like?

Even if your school year was not as successful as you desired, it is still important to take a break! In 2018-2019, we had 160 days with our son Greyson away in the hospital, but our boys at home kept moving forward.  They were in need of a break that summer.  Even though my husband and I were gone a lot, we needed a break too. Taking a scheduled break is different than taking a break due to life’s circumstances.  So, if you can take a scheduled break for a few weeks or a month, I encourage you to do so!

Why is is important to take a scheduled break?

Scheduled breaks are something both you and your child can look forward to with anticipation.  The break time can be wisely spent if you know it is coming.  It can be a time to organize, read, travel, plan, catch up on needed rest, or work on character training. The break can be time for your children to rest their minds and pursue their hobbies and interests. A scheduled break can be a time of refreshment and rejuvenation.  When it is over, often both you and your child will feel more ready to return to the routine of school.

What is a good amount of time for a break?

Each family will differ in the amount of time they feel is right for their break.  I typically like to have at least one month off from school.  A couple of weeks just doesn’t feel like a true break to me! If we’ve had a good school year with few interruptions, I will take the whole summer off from school. For our son Greyson, we had a different schedule the summer of 2019.  Since he missed so much school that year, he did half-days of school four days a week during the summer.  He schooled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We checked his school twice a week, but my husband did the checking, so I got a break!

Plan to take a scheduled break.

If you haven’t already done so, take time to plan a scheduled break soon!  Use your break time in a way that helps you and your children rejuvenate.  Then, see if you feel more ready to begin school after your break.  We all need time to step back and refresh from life’s challenges.  Otherwise, we will just wear out! Plan for your next scheduled break today.



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