Great Documents in US History: The Age of Reform to the Present Day (1880-2001)

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There are many ways to study U.S. history. One of the most exciting is by looking at and thinking about the written and spoken materials have shaped our past. Great Documents in U.S. History examines the words we have used to frame our nation. Each title includes historical context, glossary, and a range of questions that help students understand both the documents and their importance. Volume II in the series continues the story, covering The Age of Reform to the Present Day. Among the critical documents and topics from this era:

  • The Jungle
  • Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points
  • Eleanor Roosevelt and the DAR
  • The Cuban Missle Crisis
  • “I Have a Dream”
  • September 11, 2001
  • …and 14 more.


Great Documents in U.S. History helps students to understand and appreciate the people who stood behind great decisions in our past, as well as the ways in which significant documents affected the times. This is a magnificent supplement to any U.S. history course.

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