Just David

Realistic Fiction / 15 Days

(Not Sold Individually)

Just David is about a 10-year old boy who had been raised “differently” in isolation with his father on top of a mountain. They lived simply and fully until his father’s illness forced them back to civilization. Before they could make it to their intended destination, however, the father passes away leaving David with strangers who don’t quite understand this young man who plays his emotions on his violin. This is an interesting story of a young boy raised to know only good, yet as the story unfolds he encounters injustice, poverty, sadness, dashed hopes, and many other things that mar the natural beauty of God’s creation.

But David is a boy who lives in the moment! He misses nothing – except that he never knew his father’s name and those who find the father’s note on his body cannot make out his signature. So David stays with the farmer and his wife on whose land his father died. By the time they figure out who he is, he has touched and changed the lives of those around him forever! An unlikely hero, David is a gem and you’ll shed a few tears at the end. It may even cause you to look at the world through David’s eyes to truly see all the beautiful things around you.