The American Testimony DVD Set 2: US History from 1877 to 2006

Academically-rich and geared toward students at the high school / college level, history enthusiasts, and patriotic citizens, these 5 U.S. History DVDs bring America’s story into perspective. These are NOT boring classroom lecture videos! They are visually-rich documentaries that use newsreel video and motion picture footage, archival photographs, illustrations of antiquity, and filmed reenactments to bring history to life.


You can view preview segments of all disks here.

Publisher’s Note: NTSC – All region DVD-R. Aspect Ratio 1.33:1. We employ the latest mass duplication process with the very best materials to ensure broad compatibility with a wide range of DVD players. However, some older units cannot play DVD-R discs very well. If your player was manufactured prior to 2002, check your owner’s manual for DVD-R compatibility. For this reason, these DVDs are best viewed on players manufactured after 2002.