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Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory

Through 34 exciting weeks of Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, your children will glimpse life for young Americans, see faith at work in times of trial, discover character qualities in Scripture, and hide God’s Word in their hearts! This guide is ideally suited for students in grades 1-2. Units include plans for five days a week, taking 2 to 2 ½ hours a day for students to complete all subjects.

Follow the steps below to build your child’s curriculum. Begin with Step 1 to get your Economy Package, which includes the Teacher’s Guide for all subjects. Then, follow the 7 numbered steps to get everything you need!

Note: If you are just looking for consumables, you can jump to Step 6.

History, Geography, Bible, Grammar, Handwriting, Spelling, Art, Poetry

Science, Devotions, Music, Math

Drawn into the Heart of Reading