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As you begin planning a schedule for school…be realistic!

Heart of Dakota Teaching Tip Realistic School Schedule
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Teaching Tip 

As you begin planning a schedule for school…be realistic!

It is so easy to make a perfect school schedule on paper that falls apart in practice!  So, here are a few tips to help you make a more realistic schedule.

Consider whether you are a morning person.

When making a “school” schedule, be sure to take into account whether you are a morning person.  Then, set a realistic start time for your days. I am not a morning person!  So, for me breakfast at 9:00 with teaching at 9:30 is realistic. It is better to make a plan you can stick to rather than a “wishful” plan that quickly falls by the wayside.

Consider your child’s best work times.

It is also wise to take note of your child’s best work time.  Is your child a morning person?  Or, does he/she do better with a slower start? It is a good idea to schedule accordingly. For example, don’t schedule a child who has a hard time getting going in the A.M. with his/her hardest subjects first.

Consider your little ones first.

When planning for school, often our first thought is to schedule the school-age children.  If you have a 2 or 3 year old, it is more important to schedule that little one first.  If we expect our little ones to just “go with the flow,” what will happen?  A busy 2 or 3 year old can drag everyone else along as he/she quickly derails the day!

Spend some time over the next week noticing when you and your children are at your best.

As you begin mulling over a schedule, remember to be realistic with your expectations! Your year will run more smoothly if you schedule both you and your children when you are at your best!


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  1. Cathy

    Great reminders! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  2. Nicole Reeder

    Great WISDOM!! Thank you…

  3. Jenny

    Oh, we are finally figuring this out. I’m a morning person and was trying to get my slower starting eldest to start school at 6:30 am‍♀️ with the 3r’s. Our new schedule has my youngest who wakes up ready to conquer the world doing LHTH at that time instead while big sister takes it easy. I find the same principle useful in marriage too.

    1. That sounds like you have a great plan for each of your kids now! You are right about this principle being useful in marriage too!

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