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Need a fresh start?

Heart of Dakota - From Our House to Yours
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From Our House to Yours

Do you need a fresh start?

God created us to need new beginnings, to have the opportunity for fresh starts. As my Heart of Dakota homeschool year draws to a close and summer approaches, I always reflect on the year. I find things that went well, but I also always find things I want to go better.  Sometimes these things relate to homeschooling, and sometimes they relate to life in general. From this reflecting, I begin to plan for the summer and for my next homeschool year.

18 “Forget the former things;
    do not dwell on the past.
19 See, I am doing a new thing!…

Fresh Starts You Might Want to Make

To have a new beginning, you must make a decision to make some changes. If you keep going in the direction you have been going, you will not see any changes. As you reflect on your homeschooling, you might find you want to make some fresh starts. For example, maybe you combined two of your children in a guide that fit neither. A fresh start might be to separate them into their own guides. Or, maybe you started your child in too hard of a level of dictation passages, and she is missing every passage. A fresh start might be to go back one level or half a level. Or, maybe you didn’t spend the time you wanted to with your little one because you were focused on your older children. A fresh start might be to do Little Hands to Heaven with your little one, even just half-speed 15 minutes a day.

Heart of Dakota plans opportunities for fresh starts!

Blessedly, Heart of Dakota plans many opportunities for fresh starts! In fact, I think it is one of the few homeschool curricula that does. Carrie planned age ranges for the guides, so if you are realizing placement was off, make a fresh start and change it! Likewise, she included multiple levels of math, grammar, reading, and dictation within each guide. If you think the level you chose for your child is off, make a fresh start and change it! Similarly, Carrie planned for children to be combined or not to be combined. If you think combining didn’t go well, make a fresh start and separate! Carrie also planned many opportunities for pacing. If your child needs more time to grow into his guide, make a fresh start by going forward half-speed. Or, if your child didn’t finish his guide, make a fresh start by planning how to proceed with best placement in mind.

We’d love to help you make a fresh start!

Through the past 17 years of homeschooling, I’ve seen the need to make some fresh starts. A new beginning is within your reach!  But, you have to make a decision to make some changes for a fresh start to happen. If you want help with those pacing, placement, or level changes, call us or dialogue about this on our message board. Our family loves to help, and we believe in fresh starts and opportunities for change. We are here to help you talk through those decisions, and then we are here to help you order just what you need from Heart of Dakota to implement those decisions.  All you have to do is reach out.

In Christ,


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