10 Ways We Make Teaching Easier

Stressed about homeschooling? There’s no need! Our curriculum is designed to make the experience a breeze, from the first day of preschool to the last day of high school. All of our guides …

Feature “Open & Go” Daily Plans

1. Feature “Open & Go” Daily Plans

We know your time is valuable, so let us help you maximize every minute. Our open-and-go daily plans require no prep and no planning! Plus your plans are all in one guide. Simply open your guide and teach. No more nights and weekends spent planning…it’s all done for you.

We Offer Structure and Flexibility in an Easy Format

2. Offer Structure and Flexibility in an Easy Format

Our structured daily plans show you exactly what to do each day … all on a two-page spread. Once you have completed each box of the daily plans, you are done! And, you have the flexibility of doing the boxes in any order. Now, what could be simpler?

Balance Reading, Writing, Thinking, and Doing

3. Balance Reading, Writing, Thinking, and Doing

Heart of Dakota gives you a well-organized and well-balanced plan for your day that makes teaching and learning enjoyable. When you open up a Heart of Dakota guide, you will find an appealing mix of written, hands-on, and academic activities spread throughout your day. With such engaging content in their schedules, your children will be inspired and eager to learn. What could be better than having kids who look forward to school each day?

Emphasize a Thoughtful Skill Progression

4. Emphasize a Thoughtful Skill Progression

One of the wonderful strengths of Heart of Dakota is something you won’t notice at first glance. It is the thoughtful progression of skills from one guide to the next. Our time-tested skill progression is respectful of how much a child can truly do at each age. With this in mind, each guide incrementally prepares your child well for the next in line, producing a successful learner over time. And … all of the skill areas are covered.

Systematically Build Independence

5. Systematically Build Independence

Each Heart of Dakota guide has a pattern built into it, so your children know what to expect as they use the program. As expectations build, skills and assignments your child has been trained to do are gradually handed over to be done independently. This pattern, structure, and training builds confident, independent learners who take ownership of their education and can learn for a lifetime!

Provide Engaging Hands-on Activities

6. Provide Engaging Hands-on Activities

With its unit study flair, each Heart of Dakota guide is chock-full of creative activities to get your kids “learning by doing.” Every hands-on activity is planned to be time-conscious, educational, doable, and fun. Using materials you already have on hand, it is easy to engage your students in their school subjects in new and exciting ways. So, get ready for your kids to design, bake, sketch, create, and construct. With Heart of Dakota it’s easy to do!

Keep God’s Word at the Heart

7. Keep God’s Word at the Heart

Our program strives to keep God’s Word at the heart of everything your children are learning. Whether it is character training, Bible study, or building a Christian worldview, we seek to make God’s Word a priority in your child’s life. The solid, Bible-based content woven within our plans makes biblical truths come alive in meaningful and insightful ways.

Guides that Pull Everything Together for You

8. Pull Everything Together for You

All of our guides are written by a single author who pulls everything together for you! Carrie seamlessly rotates subjects to cover everything you need without lengthening your days. Well thought-out lessons incorporate a variety of learning styles and utilize a perfect blend of teacher and child. Step-by-step directions, a careful balance of skills, and helpful key ideas bring everything together. There’s no need to add anything. It’s all there!

A Curriculum that will ave You Time and Money

9. Save You Time and Money

Our guides were written with your busy homeschool family in mind. That’s why we carry all the books you need to teach our guides. To save you time and money, we sell these books in discounted packages at affordable prices. We also keep our hands-on activities quick and easy. Plus, we stick to materials you’re likely to have on hand. So, get ready to enjoy a literature-rich, hands-on curriculum without running to the library or the store!

Give You Peace of Mind Everything is Covered

10. Give You Peace of Mind Everything is Covered

We’ve made sure to be thorough while designing our curriculum. Our rich, full program even includes extras like poetry, art, music, timeline, nature study, picture study, Shakespeare, and more! With so much packed into so little time, you can rest easy knowing you have everything covered. With Heart of Dakota, you can school confidently year after year from preschool all the way through high school!