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Reading Through the Entire Bible in High School

Heart of Dakota - Dear Carrie - Bible High School
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Reading Through the Entire Bible in High School

I’m really looking forward to The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study in Heart of Dakota! I think it looks wonderful. It is a very important goal for me to have my kids read through the entire Bible during their high school years. I read the entire Bible through on my own twice when I was growing up, and I think it has made a profound impact on my life. My own kids have had a lot more exposure to the Bible than I did, since I went to public school and my parents didn’t do a “Bible Time.” But, I still really have a strong desire for them to read it cover to cover.

I see that only “highlights” of the Old Testament are read in World History. Could you please let me know how much of the Old Testament these highlights are? If I had my children read the whole thing, would they be doubling or tripling their reading – or more? I don’t want them to have too much to process at one time. Could I spread the book out over two years and have the kids read it in smaller chunks? I have thought about reading through the whole Bible in our family Bible Time. However, I think I would rather have my kids tackle it solo during high school, so they can concentrate more. We are currently reading the Book of Isaiah aloud, and the younger kids get squirmy at times. I think Leviticus might be tough! What do you suggest, Carrie?


“Ms. Please Help Me Plan for My Kids to Read the Entire Bible”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Me Plan for My Kids to Read the Entire Bible,”

I agree that reading the entire Bible is a wonderful goal! The Bible curriculum that we schedule for the World History and the US1 years is called The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study by Starr Meade. It has the option of reading through the entire Bible along with the curriculum. So, you could definitely follow that option as you go through those two years.

Perhaps, your students could do the extra reading at a separate time outside of their school day? It could be as easy as doing it before bedtime. We have added a scheduled half-hour reading time for our family at night after supper clean-up. Our family gathers together to read silently for 30 minutes in our living room. Each family member reads a book of his/her choice. We actually set a timer, and it is completely silent (as we finally have kiddos old enough for it to be quiet). It has really encouraged a love of reading in our house! Our older kiddos sometimes read their “Living Library” books or their “Literature” books for school during this time. Sometimes our boys read their Bibles or devotional books during this time too. Anyway, just a thought!



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