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What can my son do for a Physical Science with lab credit if he’s doing MTMM for 9th grade?

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What can my son do for a Physical Science with lab credit if he’s doing MTMM for 9th grade?

I have a son who is starting high school, and I really think he needs to be in Missions to Modern Marvels (MTMM) for 9th grade. However, I am unsure as to what to do for Science. Our state requires us to have a Physical Science, but I don’t see one offered through Heart of Dakota (HOD). Can you recommend a really good Physical Science that would fit in well with HOD/Charlotte Mason?

We have done Apologia before, but I’m not a huge fan in the upper grades. It is kind of dry for my taste. I would probably need a lab with it too, but I am unsure of that, too. Actually, I am kind of freaking out about high school because it is new territory for me! I love the look of MTMM, plus I don’t think he’s ready for the Grammar/Writing component in the World Geography guide. Any suggestions?????


“Ms. Please Help Me with a Physical Science Credit for High School”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Me with a Physical Science Credit for High School,”

One thing that will make a difference in our advice is what your son is possibly planning to do after graduation. One option that you could consider would be to do Revival to Revolution’s Exploration Education Physical Science (Advanced Version) along with MTMM (instead of the chemistry that is in MTMM). This would fulfill your physical science requirement for high school. Then, the following year you could have him do the Integrated Physics and Chemistry in the World Geography Guide. After that your son would do Biology in the World History Guide and then Chemistry in the guide that follows.

While this path does double up a bit on the physical science aspect, the physical science of Exploration Education (in Rev2Rev) and the Integrated Physics and Chemistry courses of the World Geography Guide do cover different things (simply because the IPC includes chemistry too and some different topics and presentations in the physics area as well).

Consider Whether Your Son Is College-Bound

If your son is headed for college into a science related field, however, then we would want him to have an advanced science course his senior year instead. This advanced course would ideally be suited toward his field of interest. It could be something like physics, advanced chemistry, or advanced biology. In that case, we would not want him to take both Physical Science and Integrated Physics and Chemistry, simply because we would want to to reflect an advanced science on his transcript for college entrance in place of one of those similar sciences instead.

So, if your son isn’t college bound, or is bound for college in a non-science related field, then the path I shared first for science would work for your son. If you are unsure about what your son will be doing, let us know that too, and we can discuss other options. If you get a chance to pop back and share more about your son’s possible future plans, we can help even better.


“Ms. Please Help Me with a Physical Science Credit for High School’s” Reply

He will more than likely NOT be going into a science-related field! He is like me; science is NOT his thing. I’m just so used to HOD’s plans being done for me, and it looks like that’s the case again!  This is easy as pie to do. Thanks for fixing my Physical Science dilemma!  Off to order my Rev2Rev guide and Advanced Physical science from HOD!  Thank you, Carrie!

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