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Placement Ideas for My 12 and 14 Year-Olds

Heart of Dakota - Pondering Placement
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Placement Ideas for My 12 and 14 Year-Olds

I have a son who will be 12 in July and a daughter who just turned 14 this week. We have been a bit lazy in the past. I don’t even have a good excuse. But this year we worked pretty hard and are in a better place with math and language arts than we have been in years. What we lack is a solid history, science, and literature. I have used Heart of Dakota (HOD) in the past and loved it, but I drifted away. I’m back again in a WAY better place and really struggling with placement. We plan to continue the current math and English we currently have. We have like ZERO science under our belt.

Placement Information About My Daughter

My daughter is somewhat “repeating” 8th grade to give her more time to catch up. We are blurring 8th and 9th so she gets four more years to “complete” high school in 2025. She is diagnosed with dyslexia but has really come very far with her reading and spelling. Her favorite story was One Small Step – The Year I Had Polio. She is currently reading the second Harry Potter book. She loves to do copywork, and she is probably a year or two behind her peers academically. Also, she does not have much experience writing essays. She wrote three this year for co-op, but I really had to redirect her from unintentionally plagiarizing.

Placement Information About My Son

My son is pretty much on track and is finishing up his 6th grade year. Because he is a young kiddo for his “grade,” we might extend his schooling an extra year also. He is a reluctant reader. He’s content with graphic novels. I recently checked his reading level with the Reading IQ app, and I believe he placed in about a 5th grade level.

Two Placement Ideas

I have had two placement thoughts. First, I could put them together in Creation to Christ (CTC). My reasoning for holding my daughter back with her brother is because they LOVE working together. However, my second placement thought is to separate them. My knee jerk was to put my 12 year-old son in Creation to Christ (CTC) and my daughter in Revival to Revolution (RevtoRev). Are there any other HOD placement ideas you’d suggest? I’d like to hear all my options and then decide. Thanks!

Carrie’s Reply To: Placement Ideas for My 12 and 14 Year-Olds

Thanks so much for sharing about your kids and possible placement ideas. Based on what you’ve shared thus far, it does sound like your son would be well-placed in CTC and your daughter would fit well in Revival to Revolution. I do think this would be a very good placement option. However, since you shared that they love to work together, you could also consider combining them within Resurrection to Reformation (RTR) instead. This might mean your son would be quite challenged in RTR, as he would need to be reading his own material each day. Yet, it would allow your pair to work together. If your son ended up over-challenged in RTR, you could always bump him down to CTC and continue in RTR with your daughter. They would each need their own levels of language arts and math either as written in the guide or with whatever you are currently using successfully in those areas. It would be very good for them to do Drawn into the Heart of Reading as well.


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