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Stay the Course

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Stay the Course

As homeschool moms, we don’t receive trophies or applause. We go about our days homeschooling our children with few accolades. Each day we get up and do our best to give our children our best. People who don’t homeschool ask us a lot of questions. They are not sure we are doing it right. Family members who haven’t homeschooled themselves give well-intentioned advice. Everyone seems to think a helpful tip or two would help us out. This can be hurtful. I have been there myself. However, I have three words for you:  stay the course.

Stay the course for your children’s faith in God to be strong!

In Heart of Dakota, we begin every day with Bible Study. As children grow older, they begin their day with their own Bible Quiet Time. Bible Study and Bible Quiet Time topics vary, but every day our children use their Bibles. Music, scripture memorization, prayer, devotions, discussion questions, hymn studies, are all a part of our children’s homeschooling. I wanted my children to have the habit of beginning each day with Bible. They do!  Even after graduating, they do. Stay the course for your children’s faith in God to be strong!

Stay the course for your family ties to be strong!

In homeschooling, we are together as a family every day. Our children become each other’s confidants; they become each other’s best friends. We as parents are with our children every day as well. We are talking, laughing, learning, praying, and supporting each other in all we do. Our sons are 21, nearly 18, and nearly 14. They are each other’s best friends. They look out for one another, and they encourage one another. I believe they always will. Stay the course for your family ties to be strong!

Stay the course for your children to be well-educated!

A Heart of Dakota education is academically strong. Our children learn to read excellent literature, write exceptional essays, and give incredible narrations. They learn to follow directions carefully step-by-step to complete projects, do experiments, draw, paint, map, calculate, compute, research, and more. Every subject gets its necessary attention. Our children become good at independent work, but they also still know when to take direction from us as parents. They also learn to share work with us. Every day is planned to be balanced, and every guide gets incrementally harder. Little by little, our children learn to read more, write more, work more independently, and best of all – see Christ as an important part of it all!  Stay the course for your children to be well-educated!

In Closing

I know you are weary sometimes. I am too!  However, I’m old enough now to be in the ‘harvest stage’ of homeschooling. I can see the harvest nearly every day! When in doubt, remember, the end is worth it all. Young adults with a strong faith in God, with family ties that do not break, and with the heart and mind to succeed – worth it all. Weary homeschool moms – stay the course! Your ‘harvest’ is just around the corner!

In Christ,


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