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Does every family with multiple kids the same ages as mine do the same exact placement?

Heart of Dakota - Dear Carrie
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Dear Carrie

Does every family with multiple kids the same ages as mine do the same exact placement?

I am a mom of four children ranging from ages three to ten years old. My husband is a pastor. Other pastors and also missionaries we know are using Heart of Dakota and have highly recommended it to us. I have been looking at your website, and I am excited about what I see! My catalog is on its way. As I wait for it to arrive, I have been starting to look into placement. Heart of Dakota seems to be complete, but not a usual boxed curricula. I see overlap of ages for the guides, which makes sense to me. I’ve read your message board, and even found some posts about placement for kids about my children’s ages. However, I haven’t found an exact match for our children. Is there one right exact placement for them I should be making? I mean, if I say they are ages 3, 6, 8, and 10 years old, do you suggest the same guides for me you’d suggest for somebody else with kids those ages? Thanks!


“Ms. Please Help Me Know If I Only Have One Exact Placement Available to Me”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Me Know If I Only Have One Exact Placement Available to Me,”

At Heart of Dakota (HOD), we do not have an exact placement for children solely based on age. If you’ve ever purchased any kind of clothing that is marked “one-size fits all”, you have likely discovered the reality that one-size truly does NOT fit all! I’m thinking of supposedly “one-size fits all” gloves, p.j.s, and workout pants that I’ve tried. Unfortunately, I found out that my “size” was not in the “one-size fits all” category!   I share this example because many homeschool curriculums take the “one-size fits all approach”, offering the same advice and same path to everyone.

Rather than one exact placement for everyone, we give you options!

At HOD, rather than one exact placement, we give you options to ponder of possible paths that could best meet your family needs. These recommendations are always based on what you share with us about each of your individual children. One unique aspect of HOD is that we have written our guides so that you can choose whether to combine or not to combine your children for their learning. This flexibility allows you to choose what is best for your family, rather than providing a “one-size fits all path”. At HOD, we don’t dictate to you whether you need to combine your children or whether you need to separate them. Each family situation is unique and is looked at in an individual light.

Rather than one exact placement, you have the flexibility to combine or separate.

Rather than one exact placement, you have flexibility through the years. Our guides also allow you the flexibility to move back and forth between combining or separating your children along the homeschool path, if needed, allowing for changes over the years in family dynamics and situations. Each year, you can reassess, to be sure of which path should be followed each step of the way, giving you a customized fit. So, rather than one exact placement, we work with you to find the right placement considering individual children’s needs and family’s needs!


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  1. Katie

    I love the programs they are flexible. I change it up a bit to work for us at the moment in our live. My kids are similar in age 2, 7, 9, 11 and we are doing beyond little hearts for my oldest 3 this year. My oldest 3 are not strong readers(life has gotten in the way more then once) so I decided it would be best to start here. My oldest 2 are going through emerging readers and doing great, they ask to keep reading and my 3rd is going through reading lessons he always asks to read 2 more pages. All do a different math and are in different levels. I put sticky notes in each unit to help me keep track. They are all loving the time line and love learning together!

    1. Sounds like your kiddos are loving Heart of Dakota and making good progress! So glad you are enjoying homeschooling your family and are finding a good rhythm!

      In Christ,

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