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How do I create a transcript with credits that colleges will accept?

Heart of Dakota - Dear Carrie
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Dear Carrie

How do I create a high school transcript with credits noted that colleges will accept?

I have a question about high school credits and creating a transcript. My son has two years before he will be at the high school level. However, I’m trying to grasp this now, so I can prepare for the future. I found Julie’s post that lists Heart of Dakota’s high school credits, but now I want more information. What I want to know is how are these credits used, and how do I prove them? For instance, if they are used for college, I know colleges sometimes use high school transcripts. How would I put these credits into a transcript that a college would accept from a homeschool child taught by his mother who only has a masters in business? Thanks in advance!


“Ms. Please Help Me with High School Credits and Transcripts”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Me with High School Credits and Transcripts,”

In each high school guide, we have a complete grading list for each high school subject that you can refer to when keeping grades. You can view it in the “Introduction/Table of Contents/Overview/Grading” sample for each high school guide on our website. For example, click here for a link to our World Geography Overview and Grading. Simply, scroll through the link above to see each course. After each course’s description, there is a materials list followed by suggested grading for that course. Since we have provided course descriptions for you, it is not difficult to make a transcript.

The credits you’d list on a transcript for World Geography are as follows:

World Geography (1 full-year credit)
World Religion & Cultures (½ credit)
Bible: Scripture-Based Spiritual Growth (1 full-year credit)
Logic (½ credit)
Foreign Language: Spanish I (½ credit)
English I (includes English, Literature, and Composition) (1 full-year credit) OR
Fundamentals of Literature (½ credit) and English/Composition (½ credit)
Science: Integrated Physics and Chemistry with Lab (1 full-year credit)
Math: Algebra I (1 full-year credit)

Total Credits Earned: 6 ½ credits

Creating a Transcript for Credits Earned

The credits above are listed on a transcript for your child’s freshman year. You can easily create the transcript at a website like www.transcriptmaker.com. This is the website we used for our two older sons for their transcripts when they applied to college. Then, you just attach the course descriptions after the transcript. You can copy and paste the course descriptions from our website or retype the course descriptions from your guide. Either way works. It is not as difficult as you think! You can do this!

Proving Credits That Have Been Earned

If you ever have to prove what your student did, or how he/she earned the credit, you simply photocopy the course description and grading from the front of your guide to turn in to your supervising teacher or school district. When your student completes what is assigned within the guide, full credit is earned. Then, you simply attach the transcript you created as well. We have heard rave reviews from families who have had to meet with principals or supervising teachers for how well-organized, documented, and thorough the coursework and grading is in our guides.


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