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Are economics and civics/government a part of Preparing Hearts?

Heart of Dakota - Dear Carrie
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Dear Carrie

Are economics and civics/government a part of Preparing Hearts for His Glory?

My daughter and I are using Bigger Hearts for His Glory for third grade. We are enjoying it so much! My daughter has already said she wants to do Heart of Dakota again next year, and I do too. I was looking at state standards for my state. Economics and civics are covered in fourth grade. I don’t think it is required in a certain grade, but I figured it would be covered at some point. The Iowa Basic Skills Test probably asks some questions about civics and economics too. So, my question is, when are economics and civics introduced in Heart of Dakota? Are these covered at all in Preparing Hearts for His Glory? Thanks!


“Ms. Please Help Me Know If Economics and Civics Are Part of Preparing Hearts”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Me Know If Economics and Civics/Government Are Part of Preparing Hearts,”

Preparing Hearts is a one-year sweep of world history. As such, it covers the rise and fall of economies and governments of the world all through history. As you go through the readings, you will see many examples of laws, various types of rulers and leaders, different types of governing bodies, and many different systems of currency. You will witness the collapse of entire economies and the overthrow of governments. You will also see how war and famine affect the course of history. In truth, Preparing Hearts will give you a fuller and deeper view of “economics” and “government” than any typical third or fourth grade textbook will do!

Iowa Basic Skills Test

From taking the Iowa Basics Skills test each year, I know that many questions at this level tend toward local governments and public projects. If this is to what you are referring, I will share that my boys have had no trouble answering these questions, even as very young children. This is because the foundation for reasoning through governments and their functions has been laid through HOD. Often, these types of questions and answers, rather than being things that are memorized, are more about thinking through what the question is asking and reasoning as to what the possible answer might be. These are skills that are also taught through HOD.

Further Coverage of Economics and Civics/Government 

So, yes, economics and civics/government are addressed in Preparing Hearts. I’ll also just add that the branches of the judicial system are covered in Bigger Hearts. The students make a notebook page about it as well. This topic is covered again as students read about the forming of American government in Revival to Revolution. It is further enhanced through the study of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Economics is studied much more deeply in Missions to Modern Marvels. In high school, economics and government are extensively covered. So, yes, economics and civics/ government are covered very well in Heart of Dakota!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.


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