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Living in a Fifth Wheel and Homeschooling

Heart of Dakota - Dear Carrie
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Dear Carrie

I’ve already purchased our guides from Heart of Dakota. I was going to place my 7 year-old son in Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. Then, I was going to place my 5 1/2 year old daughter in Little Hearts for His Glory for kindergarten. We will continue living in a fifth wheel for the remainder of the year while building a home. We were hoping to be in a house by now, but we still aren’t. This past year, we  skipped or completely left out many things in Little Hearts due to space issues and other trials that come with living in an extremely small space. It would be so nice to be able to combine science, bible, read alouds, art, music and history. We could work separately on the three R’s at each child’s pace. What are my options considering we’re living in a fifth wheel?


“Ms. Please Help Me with the Best Plan When Living in a Fifth Wheel”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Me with the Best Plan When Living in a Fifth Wheel,”

I can see how living in a fifth wheel temporarily while homeschooling is a special situation! In reading through your post, I was thinking that since you commented that lots of things were skipped this past year when your son did Little Hearts for His Glory (LHFHG) that it may be possible for both him and your daughter to be combined in LHFHG for the left side of the plans. They could also do Storytime from the right side of LHFHG this coming year. If you already did all of the Burgess books from LHFHG, you could either reread them with both kiddos this year, making sure to do all of the activities in the LHFHG guide, or you could do the Storytime from Beyond Little Hearts.with both kiddos instead.

Since you already own the Beyond guide, you could just have your son do the right side of Beyond for the 3R’s (i.e. spelling, grammar, emerging readers, and math) and have your daughter do all of LHFHG. If you did this, you could potentially keep your older two kiddos together for history, Bible, science, devotions, poetry etc. through the years and just have them to do their own 3R’s (with your son borrowing his 3R’s from the guide above for awhile).

If you do decide to head back through LHFHG, I would try hard not to skip things if at all possible. So, if you have to substitute for supplies you may not have, try to substitute rather than skip the box. You can get really creative with the substitutions if need be, but I want to encourage you to try to get something out of each box each day even if you have to really improvise.


Follow-Up from “Ms. Please Help Me with the Best Plan When Living in a Fifth Wheel”

I’m really liking the idea of doing LHFHG with both boys! I ran the idea by my husband, and he thought it was the way to go. We are so thankful for this idea as it simplifies things in our cramped fifth wheel! My oldest loves the idea of reading back through the Bible. He kept asking to read from it when we switched to the history. Can you believe when I purchased Beyond I had bought both the classic and the boy read-aloud packages? They both sounded so good! I had a hard time choosing. I had no idea when we would find the time to read them all. Well, now I know! We can read the classics this year and the boy choices next year with Beyond. Thanks for making our lives in a fifth wheel easier! Can’t wait to start!

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