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Help with How to Correct the Total Health Chapter Reviews

Heart of Dakota - Dear Carrie
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Dear Carrie

Help with How to Correct the Total Health Chapter Reviews

We are using Heart of Dakota’s World History high school guide for 10th grade. My son is enjoying it – especially the Charlotte Mason living books for Living Library! We are both glad these are a part of my son’s high school years. I have a question about Total Health. The Chapter Reviews are part of the grading, but I don’t see an answer key. Am I looking the wrong place? Or, do you have tips for how to correct the chapter reviews? Thanks in advance.


“Ms. Please Help Me Correct the Total Health Chapter Reviews”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Me Correct the Total Health Chapter Reviews,” 

When putting together the resources needed for each HOD High School guide, we try to be as mindful as possible of which resources are truly needed to complete each guide. If we included all available ancillary guides for each subject areas, the overall price tag for a year of high school would quickly spin out of control. The Total Health Teacher’s Guide does contain the answers to the chapter reviews, however with that being the only purpose we would need the guide for and with a price of over $70 for that guide, we found it easier and more economical to refer to the student text for the answers to the chapter reviews.

We scheduled only a few chapter review questions each day, and the answers are found in order in the short reading assignment that day.

Each Total Health chapter is broken up in our Heart of Dakota guide so that the answers for the few questions scheduled from the chapter review each day are actually found within the reading pages scheduled for that same day. We did this purposefully so that the parent must do very little searching to locate the answers.

Total Health also encourages personal application with open-ended questions.

Having done Total Health two different years now with two different students, I didn’t seem to have difficulty with that part of the correcting. Often, we were scheduled to discuss things within the chapter that I had the book in hand for anyway.   Plus, depending on the question, the boys’ answers weren’t always the same.

We do carry the Total Health: Test and Quiz Master Book, which includes answers for the cumulative chapter tests.

I did appreciate having the answers for the Total Health tests though, as those were cumulative for each chapter (and would require scouring the entire chapter for answers to correct without an answer key). This is why we do carry the Total Health: Test and Quiz Master Book within our packages, as it contains both tests and an answer key.


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