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How can we squeeze what we have left for high school into 2 years?

Heart of Dakota - Dear Carrie
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Dear Carrie

How can my daughter squeeze American History, Economics, Government, and Geography into her 2 remaining years of high school?

My daughter has two years of high school left after this year. This is her first year using Heart of Dakota. She is doing World History and loving it! Sadly, she still needs American History, Economics, Government, and Geography. We are trying to figure out how she can squeeze all of this into her 2 remaining high school years. I had two ideas. One, she could do HOD’s USI and USII, which include Economics and Government. Then, maybe she could squeeze in a 1/2 credit Geography course (from a different curriculum) over the summer? Or, could just Mapping The World with Art be a ‘squeeze-in’? But, I hate for her to miss HOD’s World Geography guide and all those amazing books. She really cannot tell you where anything in the world is located.

So, that brings me to idea two. She could do HOD’s World Geography (in its entirety) and one of the American History guides. Then, I’d have her squeeze in reading a few books for the other part of American History to get the full story. Her 8th grade brother is going to be doing MTMM this next year. Maybe I could put her in that with him (with extensions and beefing up)? Then, I could have her do World Geography the next year with him. She could then just squeeze in some books to get the first part of American History. Does this sound doable? She will already be graduating a year late…she will be 19 1/2. So, we really do only have 2 more years of school to squeeze it all in.  Do you have any ideas how to squeeze this all in, and what guide to skip? Thanks!


“Ms. Please Help Us Squeeze What We Have Left for High School Into 2 Years”

Dear “Ms. Please Help Us Squeeze What We Have Left for High School Into 2 Years,”

Thanks so much for sharing about your daughter! We have some good options for her to complete what she has left for high school. We might even be able to avoid the ‘squeeze’ feeling! Since she is doing the World History Guide now, and I am assuming it is going well, it would be quite a bit of backward motion to go back to MTMM. It would be better for her to stay within the realm of the high school guides instead, just to keep forward motion and to keep her well-placed skill-wise.

Option 1: World Geography for 11th, American History I (with Government) for 12th, with Economics As a Slight ‘Squeeze-In’

With this in mind, I see a couple of options as possibilities. One option would be to do the World Geography next year for her junior year and then to do the first American History guide with Government for her final year. This would mean she would need to add as a slight ‘squeeze-in’ Economics. It might be possible to do this either with World Geography or with American History, depending on whether she does all of the credits offered within each guide. It is typically acceptable to study a portion of American History, as long as a full credit is earned in that study. So, if she did not get to the final American History guide that would be alright. She would still earn a full credit of American history for completion of the first American history guide. She would also earn another 1/2 credit for Government.

Option 1: American History I (with Government) for 11th, American History II (with Economics) for 12th, with Geography… No ‘Squeeze-In’ Required

Another option would be to do the last two American History guides (including Government and Economics) and omit the World Geography Guide. In this scenario, you would have to earn the Geography 1/2 credit you mentioned is required. There is quite a bit of mapping within both the American History guides. I’m not sure if your daughter had any mapping or geography her freshman year, but there is some in the World History guide as well, and there are definitely geography concepts regularly discussed. So, I am thinking that among the 3 HOD high school guides she would earn her 1/2 credit of Geography.

Which two HOD guides do you want her to have before she graduates?

So, then it is just a matter of deciding which two HOD guides you desire for her to have before she graduates. Do you desire for her to have the World Geography and the first American History guide? Or, do you desire for her to follow the last two American History guides? Either plan will work. If she does do the World Geography guide, I would have her do it next year, followed by the American History I guide her senior year. You could also look to determine which extra credits in the guides are most helpful (i.e. Logic, Foreign Language, Bible, World Religion and Cultures, etc.). It may also help to look at the sciences in the guides and see if she is in need of those as well. This may provide more clarity.

Either plan will work, so I’d choose the one that makes the last two years be less of a ‘squeeze’!

If she does not do the final HOD guide, she will miss British Literature. However, with the titles read for literature within the World Geography and the World History Guides, a 1/2 credit in British Literature could be awarded (alleviating that problem). The first American History guide will contain American Literature, also solving that problem. So, it truly is a matter of deciding which two guides fit her needs best! If you choose to have your daughter do the last 2 American History Guides, then she will cover Economics (earning 1/2 credit) within the final American History Guide. So, you won’t have to add that yourself! I’d just choose the plan that makes the last two years be less of a ‘squeeze’ and get to enjoying your remaining high school years together!


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  1. Gloria Rayman

    Is there an extension required with the World Geography guide to make it 11-12 grade worthy? I did not find a schedule in the back of the guide and so assumed their wasn’t one. My son is breezing through the guide, so I thought I had better check.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Gloria! There is no extension for World Geography, as the daily plans meet criteria necessary for one full high school credit in World Geography already. So glad your son is off to a good start with WG!

      In Christ,

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