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Heart of Dakota Tidbit:

Heart of Dakota Tidbit - Introducing...Carrie!


Did you know that Carrie originally had no plans to write more than one guide? 20 years ago, Carrie began fine tuning a reading program she had been developing while teaching public school. She had originally intended to only use it to teach her oldest son, but her sister Cindy encouraged her to publish it. So, in 2001, Drawn into the Heart of Reading was born! Since then, Carrie has gone on to write full curriculums for grades K-12.

Prior to starting her Heart of Dakota adventure, Carrie obtained her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Sioux Falls, taught 11 years in public school, and married Mike, her high school sweetheart. She and Mike have now been married for 31 years and have 4 children: ColeShawGreyson, and Beau.

Thanks to Carrie, Heart of Dakota is able to offer a unique open-and-go approach to homeschooling that effectively ties in Christ with academics. We are very grateful for her love and dedication to empowering other families to homeschool through her curriculum! 🙂


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