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Heart of Dakota Tidbit:

Heart of Dakota Tidbit - Introducing Merlin


Did you know that Merlin has been Heart of Dakota’s main graphic designer for nineteen years? He started working for us in 2000 and designed the cover for our first program, Drawn into the Heart of Reading. Since then, he has worked on many art projects for us, including numerous book covers, student notebooks, catalogs, banners, and ads.

Merlin has had a long history with working with graphic design, starting back in 1978-1979 when he went to school for advertising art. Nonetheless, out of all the experiences he’s had in graphic design, he recently told us, “Working for Heart of Dakota was the most rewarding job I ever had in Advertising Art and Design. I am proud to recommend their brand to anyone I meet who is interested in Christ centered home school curriculum.” For our part, we have been thrilled to have Merlin as part of our team! We sincerely appreciate his professionalism and attention to detail in all the projects he has undertaken for us. 🙂


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