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Music always makes work more fun!

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Heart of Dakota Tidbit:

Music always makes work more fun!

One of the things our employees love about working in the warehouse is the fact that they get to listen to music while they work. Since each of our employees gets a turn to play their own playlist, we get to hear all sorts of different artists! Here’s some of their current favorites:

  • George Strait (Country)
  • Kenny Chesney (Country)
  • Kingdom Heirs (Southern Gospel)
  • Hans Zimmer (Film Soundtrack)
  • David Crowder*Band (Christian Contemporary)
  • TobyMac (Christian Contemporary)
  • Newsboys (Christian Contemporary)

We’re always on the lookout for new music! So…what are some of YOUR favorite artists? 😀

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  1. Ericka Iverson

    im obsessed with music. LOVE that george is on this list. hes the best!

    for the christian contemporary, nothing beats shane & shane for me. i saw these guys live in my first year of college, in the last days before the world changed: 9/11. their psalms albums have literally rocked my world, now there are so many psalms that i can no longer just read, they go into my eyes in music form. <3 i love their music so much – tho i mostly just listen to psalms. 😛

    for a mix of the country and the christian, joey and rory have so much good down home music!! their story is an amazing and yet tear stained one, as joey died of cancer a few years ago – rory carries on with their baby girl indiana. <3 their song "when im gone" … i mean, if you listen to that, knowing their story, and dont sob your eyes out…. they also recorded plenty of gospel – most of which is my favorite versions of those songs ever.

    and since i havent had any more strike my brain as awesome enough to post here, ill just leave it at that. 🙂

    1. Cole Austin

      Thanks for the recommendations, Ericka! I confess, I too am obsessed with music, haha! 😀 We’ll definitely have to give some of those artists a try!

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