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February Library Builder: Save 10% on the Creation to Christ Girl Interest Set!

Heart of Dakota February Library Builder - photo of 3 aqua-colored books stacked and bound with twine.
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Library Builder

Use coupon code FEBRUARY-LIBRARY for 10% on this month’s Library Builder book set: The Creation to Christ Girl Interest Package!

We are excited to continue our  Heart of Dakota Library Builder book set promotion! On the 1st Wednesday of each month we will be promoting one of our book sets with a 10% coupon code. For this month’s special, use coupon code FEBRUARY-LIBRARY on our website for the entire month of February to apply the savings to your order. The coupon applies to the Creation to Christ Girl Interest set of books.   To view all of the books in this set, just click here! (Scroll down until you see the “Basic Package Option 3” section.)

How is the Girl Interest Package used in Creation to Christ?

Well, we could tell you, but why reinvent the wheel? Carrie and Julie have already done an excellent job of outlining how these books are used in the Creation to Christ Introduction, so why don’t we have a quick look at that?

(From the Introduction to Creation to Christ ):

There are 3 book set options for Storytime: History Interest Set, Boy Interest Set, or Girl Interest Set. If you desire to read aloud books that coordinate with the historical time period being studied, you will want to choose the History Interest Set. In keeping with the ancient time period, the History Interest Set does contain some violent content.

If you wish to avoid this, choose the Boy Interest or Girl Interest Set instead; these sets do not match the history, but were instead selected to provide excellent read-alouds from 9 different genres.

Sixth and seventh graders should either listen to this book set read aloud, or read the Extension Package books (as scheduled in the Appendix), or do both of these options in order to extend their learning. If you are a family that enjoys reading aloud, you may choose to read aloud more than one set of books from the Basic Package.

These scheduled read-alouds are highly recommended, unless you need to
economize. Complete listings and book descriptions for these books can be found in the Appendix. These books are sold as a set as Basic Package Option 1, 2, or 3, or sold individually, at www.heartofdakota.com.

Each unit includes the following activities in coordination with the “Storytime” read-aloud assignments:
*Day 1: give a detailed oral narration
*Day 2: rotate through the following 4 narration activities: an outline sketch, a short skit, a question and answer session, and an advertisement speech for the book
*Day 3: give a summary narration
*Day 4: make connections between the story and Proverbs

Use coupon code FEBRUARY-LIBRARY to save!

To apply this month’s savings, just enter coupon code FEBRUARY-LIBRARY on our website when you check out! We hope these books will be as treasured to you as they are to us!

Have a great rest of the week!
Heart of Dakota

PS: If you’d like a more in-depth look at what using Creation to Christ looks like in your home, have a look at this article!

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