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Brrrr! Who’s ready for Summer?!

Heart of Dakota Tidbit - picture of two hearts made out of candy canes lying on a background of crystalline snow
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Heart of Dakota Tidbit: 

Brrrr! Who’s ready for Summer?!

Did you know that it gets very cold here in South Dakota in the winter? On February 17th, 1936, McIntosh, South Dakota set a state record for the lowest temperature: -58 F. We haven’t gotten that cold this year (although we did get down to below -20 F. last week!) but we are all ready for some warmer weather!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Ericka J Iverson

    bahahaha! 🙂
    im in the area of minnesota that got down to -46 degrees this past week. <3 we're a harrrrdy people, as jeff dunham's walter would say. 😛

    1. Brrrr! Minnesota gets c-c-cold too, and you are right – it makes for harrrrdy people! I like to think I’ve learned to be extra thankful for sunny days and for 4 very different seasons (at least thankful most the time, that is)! A fireplace, space heaters, and hot cocoa sure do help. Have a good Monday homeschooling with HOD and try to stay warm!!!

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