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Heart of Dakota 2018 photo contest winners announced!

Heart of Dakota 2018 Photo Contest winners announced! - Photo of a smiling little girl at the seaside holding a vintage camera
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The long-awaited announcement is here!

Thank-you to everyone who participated in the 2018 photo contest; we were amazed by the amount of photo submissions we received! When we went through the photos, it made our day to see so many smiling faces! 🙂 

Picking the winners was not easy at all – there were so many good choices! After several days of looking at all the submissions, we finally narrowed it down to our absolute favorites.

And the winners are…

First Place: submission by Darcie A.


Second Place: submission by Rodica H.


Third Place double-entry: submissions by Kaitlyne M. and Lauren E.

(Editor’s note: We had such a close tie between the two 3rd place nominees that we ultimately decided to award them both the $15 Heart of Dakota gift card for 3rd place.)

Congratulations! We will be emailing the prize gift cards to you shortly. 😀

Honorable mentions

As we mentioned earlier, with so many excellent submissions, it was very hard to declare only 4 finalists! We felt that these photos deserved a spot in our list. So, in no particular order, here are our honorable mentions!

Submission by Lauren P.


Submission by Loucretia H.


Submission by Rosalie J.


Submission by Leah P.


Submission by Amanda D.


Submission by Mercedes T.


Submission by Jenny S.


Submission by Tiffanie H.


Once again, thank-you so much to everyone who participated! 🙂

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