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Homeschooling = Freedom to Grow in Your Interests!

Heart of Dakota Tidbit Homeschooling Gives Freedom to Grow Interests
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Heart of Dakota Tidbit:

Homeschooling = Freedom to Grow in Your Interests!

In one of our previous tidbits, we looked at how homeschooling has helped our kids explore new interests, such as making their first YouTube video. Since releasing that video ten years ago, thanks to the freedom homeschooling gives, our boys have had the time to continue to hone their skills in this hobby. This has recently culminated in an exciting way with them releasing their latest short film after three years of work! Their short film, “Remember Me,” tracks the experiences of a fictional Union sharpshooter during the American Civil War. You can watch their film below!

PS: Want to see more examples of how homeschooling gives kids the freedom to develop and pursue personal interests? Have a look at this blog article here:

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