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Placement for Dyslexic 10 1/2 Year Old Who Has Only Done Bible and 3 R’s

Heart of Dakota Pondering Placement Bigger Hearts Reading
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Pondering Placement

Question: Where should I place my dyslexic 10 1/2 year old, considering we’ve only done Bible and the 3 R’s?

I’m pondering placement for my son. I have a 10 ½ year old son who is severely dyslexic. I’m trying to decide what guide to place him in. I’m thinking Bigger Hearts for His Glory. Before this we only really have done the Bible and the 3Rs because it was such a struggle. But now with therapy, I think he’s ready for something more. I think he is ready for spelling and beginning level 1 or maybe level 2 readers. He is also enjoying my reading aloud Magic Treehouse books now. So, I am thinking Bigger Hearts for His Glory would be good. Or, do you have another suggestion? Thank you!

Reply: I’d lean toward doing Bigger Hearts to give a solid introduction to history and science.

One thing you will discover with Heart of Dakota is that there is not a one-size fits all placement for kiddos. We spend a lot of time trying to learn more about your specific child and situation. Our hope is to help you find the best placement for your family. In thinking through what you’ve shared thus far, and weighing the fact that your son hasn’t had a chance yet to do more than Bible and the 3R’s due to his struggles, I would lean toward doing Bigger Hearts with your son. I think this placement will give him a good solid introduction to American History. I also like that it would give him a good overall exposure to science.

Bigger Hearts includes many skills, but as you will read aloud the history and science, he will have another year to grow in his own reading.

I think Bigger will actually be quite challenging in many ways. It is a guide we have woven many skills woven into. However, you would still be reading aloud the science and the history to your son in Bigger. This will give him another year to continue making gains as a reader. I like that he will have more time to hone these skills, before he must tackle some of those subjects himself when he gets to Preparing Hearts the following year.

Bigger Hearts also includes writing practice, spelling lists, and reading plans for an emerging reader.

There is also a lot of writing practice in Bigger, including copywork which will be good for your son. I think the spelling lists in Bigger are another needed area where your son can utilize what is scheduled within Bigger before moving into the dictation passages that are found within Preparing Hearts.  It also sounds like your son would be well placed in the Emerging Reader’s Set. I have scheduled this set of books daily in the Appendix of Bigger.

If your son did Preparing, he would miss the introduction of needed skills to help him successfully navigate the increased independence in Preparing.

If you jumped ahead to Preparing right now, I think your son would miss out on the needed spelling lists and Emerging Reader schedule that he will need. I also think it would be sad for him to miss many of the needed skills that are introduced and honed in Bigger that help a child successfully navigate into a bit more independence in Preparing. In weighing that you are currently reading aloud and enjoying the Magic Treehouse books, I think a placement in Bigger fits well in expanding upon that listening level to challenge him even more without losing the enjoyment. It is true that not all kiddos need to go through Bigger first. But, we do usually see that for most kiddos, it is an added help. Especially with your son’s past struggles in mind, we want to give him every chance to succeed. I hope you enjoy your year with Heart of Dakota.


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  1. Guinevere Wise

    My 9 year old son is also severely dyslexic. He is still reading the “BOB” books. We did Bigger Hearts last year and have recently begun using Preparing. I totally agree with Carrie’s suggestion. Starting with Bigger really helped my son learn how to think things through and prepare him for the larger work load in Preparing. I still have to read everything out loud to him, but he is now capable of dictating a written narration, can do the Draw and Write book, and loves the science in Preparing. It does take modifications on my part, but he is capable of the work. You can do this!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story here, Guinevere! This is sure to be an encouragement to the poster and to others reading this pondering a similar placement. Bigger Hearts is such an important guide for teaching foundational skills. We are happy to hear your son is able to take on a larger workload and is now dictating written narrations, drawing from Draw and Write, and happily doing his science exploration – wonderful to hear! Our family is celebrating your son’s hard work and progress with you today!

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