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No Spinning?

Heart of Dakota Tidbit No Spinning
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Heart of Dakota Tidbit: 

No Spinning? 

Did you know that we have a rule at our house that many of you may not be able to understand? It may just our boys.

No spinning.

Without this rule, spinning abounds… along with cuts, bruises, dented furniture, dented heads, etc. You would be amazed at how simple some of our rules are.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Rebecca

    Too funny! I caught myself telling my five year old daughter the same thing! But, they do love it, don’t they? Especially trying to walk after they make themselves dizzy!

    1. So true, Rebecca! They don’t really outgrow spinning very quickly either! They just spin more places… like in the pool, or playing football in the yard, or playing basketball at the gym. Spinning always seems to be too fun to pass up!

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