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The Habit of Regularity

Heart of Dakota Charlotte Mason Moment Habit of Regularity
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A Charlotte Mason Moment:

“The habit of regularity is as attractive to older children as to the infant. The days when the usual programme [sic] falls through are, we know, the days when the children are apt to be naughty.”

(Home Education by Charlotte M. Mason Vol. 1, p. 132)

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  1. Rebecca

    So true.. Not just for children, but for mommas too! With my last pregnancy, I had preeclampsia. It through the whole family’s schedule for a loop. That’s life. There are times when schedules can’t be kept. But… I do know, that during those times, I missed my daily routine. The security. The stability. As a Christian, I’ve learned we must be flexible. We must focus on what’s truely important. But, I think it also means be flexible with our schedule. Hence…. Still having a schedule. God is a God of order, not chaos. And, I know my life runs so much better when it is in order. So, for me…. Routines are good. As long as they are simple, effective, and allow for life’s unexpected moments.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Rebecca! I felt this way when I was on bedrest with my last pregnancy. I had 6 months of complete bedrest and 6 hospitalizations. I missed my daily routine when I was in the hospital so much, but blessedly, even on total bedrest, I could keep the routine fairly well at home, as I had my oldest son to bring me books, etc. In a time of such uncertainty, the routine was a blessing. You are right, a balance of flexibility and stability recognizes both that God is a God of order and that He is a God that is in control. Thanks so much for sharing, Rebecca!!!

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