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Drawn into the Heart of Reading: A Multi-Level Reading Program That Works with Any Books

Heart of Dakota From Our to Yours Drawn into the Heart of Reading books
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From Our House to Yours

Drawn into the Heart of Reading:  A Multi-Level Reading Program That Works with Any Books

Picture your child curled up on the couch reading a wonderful book, enjoying each page, and then sharing the excitement of what was read with you!  You can make this happy ‘picture’ a reality with Drawn into the Heart of Reading!  Written for students 7-15 years old, this Heart of Dakota multi-level reading program can help your children either become or remain passionate about books, while still teaching all the necessary reading skills. You can use any books with Drawn into the Heart of Reading (DITHOR), as the plans are genre-based.  Likewise, you not only get to choose the books your children read, you also get to choose the pacing of reading them.  This ensures your children will love the books and read them at a pace that fits them best!

So, how is Drawn into the Heart of Reading designed?

Drawn into the Heart of Reading is designed for use with students of multiple ages at the same time. The plans include instructions and activities that work with any literature.  You can use DITHOR for your entire reading program, or you can use it as a supplement to an existing program.  Students in grades 2-8 can use DITHOR year after years, as they move through the various levels of reading instruction. DITHOR is structured around daily plans that are divided into 3 levels of instruction. These levels include 2/3, 4/5, and 6/7/8. DITHOR is also divided into 9 units, which can be taught in any order.

What genre studies are included in Drawn into the Heart of Reading?

Drawn into the Heart of Reading includes 9 genre studies.  This exposes students to a variety of literary styles, ensuring they read from every type of literature.  The result?  Not only do students learn the necessary skills for each type of literature; they also learn to love new kinds of books!  The genres can be done in any order, so you can start with your student’s favorite genre or choose any order you prefer.  The 9 genres include biography, historical fiction, mystery, nonfiction, realistic fiction, adventure, fantasy, folk tale, and humor.

How are Godly character lessons a part of Drawn into the Heart of Reading?

In Drawn into the Heart of Reading, Godly character lessons evaluate a character’s actions using a Christian standard that is based on Godly character traits. The major traits emphasized are faith, fear of the Lord, responsibility, brotherly love, loyalty, virtue, obedience, joy, and integrity.  Each major trait has sub-qualities as well.  In the Godly character part of the plans, each trait includes a definition and a key Scripture verse.  Children use their own Bibles to read about a Biblical character who showed the trait. Then, you share with your children a time in your own life you showed that trait. Next, children search for characters in the book they are reading who are or are not showing that trait. Finally, children see if they themselves are showing this trait.

How are story elements taught in Drawn into the Heart of Reading?

The story element lessons in Drawn into the Heart of Reading focus on a different element for each genre. The story elements included are character, setting, conflict, mood, prediction, compare and contrast, cause and effect, main idea and theme, and point of view.  Story elements are connected with the genres they most naturally match. So, for example, the story element ‘conflict’ is matched with the genre ‘adventure.’  The story element ‘prediction’ is matched with the genre ‘mystery,’ and so on. This paves the way for success in future in-depth literature studies, such as those found in high school.

What else can be found in Drawn into the Heart of Reading?

So much more can be found in Drawn into the Heart of Reading! Prereading activities create a purpose for reading the text. Students gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the text through guided literature discussions. They learn different strategies to help discover the meanings of unfamiliar words in the text through vocabulary activities. Not to mention, students get choose from a variety of creative projects that address the needs of all types of learners. Project choices include Godly character project options, book based project options, or group project options. So, there truly is a project for any student that can be enjoyed!

Drawn into the Heart of Reading is so customizable, yet it still meets all necessary reading requirements!  It gives a ‘book club’ feel to keep the love of reading flowing, while still delivering all of the necessary skills that need to be taught to prepare students for the requirements of both standardized testing and high school level literature.  Choose from Carrie’s favorite books choices via DITHOR book packs, or choose your own literature on your own or with the help of Carrie’s Sample Book Ideas List.  Either way, HOD’s award winning Drawn into the Heart of Reading is sure to turn your children into book-loving students, while still teaching all the necessary skills that must be taught!  Why not get to making memories like the ones I’ve tried to share with you with these pics of precious memories of my own kiddos, today?!?

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