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4 Day Flash Sale! Use Coupon Code “FLASH10”

Heart of Dakota 4 Day Flash Sale
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Coupon Code “FLASH10”

Enter Coupon Code “FLASH10” to get 10% off your entire order. 4 Days only! The sale ends Sunday night.

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Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. Shelly Johnson

    How do i use HOD w K. 2nd. 4th. 6th.
    Then i have 8th 10th 12th.
    Economically and practically?
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for your interest in our programs! While we have always truly enjoyed answering placement posts/emails personally as time allows, as the years have passed we have realized that questions about placement in our programs are best answered either on our message board or via the telephone. This is because it is so important for us to be able to have a dialogue with you as we work to find the best placement for your family.

      Answering placement questions through blog posts/email is a slow process with days in between your questions and our answers, often requiring much back and forth as we work to discover the information needed to help us advise you better. In between the back and forth posting/emailing process, we often answer many other posts/emails in between, making it difficult to keep fresh in our minds the specifics of each family.

      In contrast, with the message board, all responses and dialogue are grouped under a single thread for each person, making it easy to refer to what has been shared and get a fuller picture of your family’s needs. The same is true for a telephone conversation, as we dialogue with you in a single conversation to gain needed information about your student(s).

      With this in mind, in order to get the very best and most timely placement help, we request that you do one of the following three things:

      1. Post your specifics on the message board. In order to do so, you will need to register here: http://heartofdakota.com/board3/ucp.php?mode=register&sid=1d69eed0275aa1608ec38a0b84fd96d0. Your registration will be approved within a day. After approval, go to the Main Board and post your question. All new posts begin on our Main Board. The Main Board is linked here: http://heartofdakota.com/board3/viewforum.php?f=6. The ladies on our board are very helpful with placement questions, and Carrie has over 5,500 personal responses herself on the board that can be searched by topic. Our Heart of Dakota Message Board can be found at the following link: http://heartofdakota.com/board3/.

      2. If you prefer not to post on the Message Board, you may find that simply reading and searching the board helps tremendously in answering your questions. While enjoying the Heart of Dakota Board in a “read only” capacity, you will find much helpful information and wisdom shared daily on the board that makes it worth the visit. All current discussions take place on our Main Board linked here: http://heartofdakota.com/board3/viewforum.php?f=6. If you are new to posting on a Message Board and would like us to help you take the first steps to posting on our board, you can request that we initially post for you on the board. A great thread to read titled “A Series of Posts on Common Questions” can be found at this link – http://heartofdakota.com/board3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9344.

      3. If you would rather speak directly to one of us, you can call our company at 605-428-4068. While we truly enjoy talking to our customers, since we are a homeschool family, it is likely you will need to leave a message for us first. You will receive a call back that same day. If we do not get a chance to talk to you when we return your call, we will leave a message if at all possible.

      As you ponder correct placement, our placement charts provide necessary guidance in placing your child or children within the correct Heart of Dakota program(s). The “Program Selection Chart” is a good place to begin, as it gives an overview of the target age ranges for each guide. This chart is linked here: http://heartofdakota.com/program-selection-chart.php.

      The “Program Placement Chart” is the chart to consult next. It is our most important chart, since it lists the specific skills needed to complete each program. When placing your child or children, pay the most attention to the first page of the chart. This is because the skills found within that part of the chart are required to complete all areas of that particular guide. If you have more than one child, place each child individually on the chart first. This will make it easier to consider which children could possibly be combined and within which program(s). The “Program Placement Chart” is linked here: http://heartofdakota.com/placing-your-child.php.

      Once you have determined a possible placement for your child or your children, visit the “Sample Pages” part of our website to see inside our guides. To learn more about how each subject area is handled within the guide, read the provided “Introduction” for the guide as well. The “Sample Pages” part of our website is linked here: http://heartofdakota.com/sample-pages.php.

      Last, you may wish to explore our “Scope and Sequence Chart” to see our overall sequence for history and science and to see our plans for upcoming guides. The “Scope and Sequence Chart” is linked here: http://heartofdakota.com/scope.php.

      If you would like a glimpse into what Heart of Dakota looks like in the day-to-day, you may wish to visit our Weekly Check-in found here: http://heartofdakota.com/board3/viewforum.php?f=14.
      Or, you may enjoy looking through our Heart of Dakota photobooks to see specific photos from each guide. If so, these books are linked at the bottom of the main page of our website at http://www.heartofdakota.com.

      If you haven’t already ordered a catalog, we encourage you to do so at the following link: http://heartofdakota.com/catalog.php. Our full-color print catalog is very helpful in answering questions and in explaining our philosophy. It has a separate detailed section devoted to each guide that truly captures the heart of each program.

      Thanks again for your interest in Heart of Dakota! We are excited for you to explore what we have to offer, and we look forward to visiting with you on our message board, by telephone, or at convention.

      In Christ,
      Julie Grosz

      1. vanessa fleming

        Hi there…I just placed an order last week….can I still get this discount like they would do with other retailers? Please let me know. It was for all the material needed for Preparing Hearts and was quite a large order. Thanks Vanessa Fleming

        1. Hello Vanessa! We announced the flash sale on Monday to give time for families ordering from that point forward to plan accordingly. We don’t backdate sales; coupon codes are only good for the designated sale dates. The discounts we give for packages and free/reduced shipping, as well as our substitution policy are already substantial, which is why we rarely have additional sales. We thank you for your order, and we hope you enjoy your year with Preparing Hearts.

          In Christ,

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