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Our Most Teacher Intensive Guide – Bigger Hearts for His Glory

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Our Most Teacher Intensive Guide

Did you know that Bigger Hearts or His Glory (written for ages 7-9 with extensions for 10-11) is considered our most teacher intensive guide? This guide is designed to prepare your child for the independence that is coming in the future guides. Your teaching time will start to lessen with each subsequent guide so that you can spend your time with your younger children teaching them the habits that will lead to their independent learning.

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  1. Meg

    I am so relieved to know this! I was wondering how I would keep everything going next year when I have kids in Preparing, Bigger and Little Hearts. The independent work in Preparing will be a big help!!

    1. The independent work in PHFHG comes at just the right time, doesn’t it? At least that is what we’ve always found to be true! You can always start Bigger and/or LHFHG half-speed and focus on making sure your student in PHFHG starts off learning to do the independent work well. We’ve always found a little solid training at the beginning goes a long way for a good homeschool year!

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