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Guide Placement for My 10-11 Year Old Dyslexic Son

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Pondering Placement

What placement would you suggest for my severely dyslexic 10-11 year old son?

Hello to the Austin Family!
I have a 10-11 year old son who is severely dyslexic. I’m trying to decide what guide to place him in. I’m thinking Bigger Hearts for His Glory. Before this we only really have done the Bible and the 3Rs because it was such a struggle. But now with therapy, I think he’s ready for something more. What would you suggest?

One thing you’ll discover with Heart of Dakota is that there is not a one-size fits all placement for kiddos. So, we spend time learning about your specific child and situation to find the best placement for your family.

Bigger Hearts will give a solid introduction to American history and a good exposure to science.

Considering your son hasn’t had a chance to do more than Bible and the 3R’s, I’d lean toward Bigger Hearts. This would give him a good solid introduction to American History and a good overall exposure to science too. I think that Bigger will actually be quite challenging in many ways, as it has many skills woven into it. You would still be reading aloud the science and the history to your son in Bigger. This will give him another year to make gains as a reader before tackling some of those subjects himself later.

Bigger Hearts will provide good practice in writing, spelling, and reading skills.

There is also a lot of writing practice in Bigger including copywork, which will good for your son as well. The spelling lists are another area where your son can utilize what is scheduled within Bigger. This will be excellent preparation for the dictation passages that are found within Preparing Hearts for His Glory. It also sounds like your son would be well placed in the Emerging Reader’s Set. This set is scheduled for you daily in the Appendix of Bigger, with follow-up oral comprehension questions.

Bigger Hearts will teach many skills needed to transition successfully into the increased independence of Preparing Hearts.

If you jumped into Preparing now, your son would miss the spelling lists and Emerging Reader schedule he needs. Many skills are introduced and honed in Bigger that help a child successfully navigate more independence in Preparing. In weighing that you are currently reading aloud and enjoying beginning chapter books, placement in Bigger fits well. Bigger will encourage expanding his current listening level to challenge him even more without losing the enjoyment. We want to give your son every chance to succeed, and Bigger… is the placement to help him do so!

Heart of Dakota carries all the needed resources for Bigger Hearts for His Glory.

As always, our family carries all of the needed resources for Bigger Hearts for His Glory. You can check out these resources on our Heart of Dakota website here. Or, just give us a call at 605-428-4068, and we’d be happy to help with any further questions. Please do leave us a message if we don’t answer right away, as we will probably be homeschooling ourselves!!! We usually return phone calls within 24-48 hours.


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