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Is Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory meaty enough for 2nd grade?

Heart of Dakota - Pondering Placement
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Pondering Placement

Is Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory meaty enough for 2nd grade?

Hello to the Austin Family!

I’m planning to start Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory when my son starts 2nd grade. I’ve read some reviews from folks who have used it for 1st grade, but how about using it for 2nd grade? Is it meaty enough? How did your 7-8 year olds like it?

Thanks so much!!

I actually used Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory with two of my sons for second grade. I will say we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We really did find that the age range was right on target for us. It also provided a great foundation for Bigger Hearts for His Glory, which we used as a follow-up for third grade.

The level 2 spelling list and level 2 book pack works well to “up” the difficulty of Beyond Little Hearts.

For Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, my sons did the Level 2 spelling lists in the back of the guide. They used the last half of the math lessons in Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory for Singapore 1B and then moved on to the Appendix schedule for Singapore 2A for the second half of the year. Drawn into the Heart of Reading Level 2/3 with the more difficult books in the Level 2 book pack worked well for reading instruction.

Our sons were also able to read all of the science selections themselves, which they really loved (and I loved their growing independence). Likewise, they read some of the history selections to themselves (and could have read even more, except I wanted to keep that cuddle up and read time with me). They were able to copy all of the poems each week by doing a stanza or so each day. At the end of the year  they ended up with a beautiful poetry notebook.

Beyond Little Hearts works well for either a first or a second grade program. 

We found the once a week grammar lessons to be a short and sweet introduction to the more formal Rod and Staff grammar used in Bigger Hearts for His Glory. The minimal writing required in Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory was a plus for us. Then my sons were old enough to handle the more difficult writing required in Bigger Hearts for His Glory. Even my oldest son listened in and enjoyed the read-alouds from the Storytime part of Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, since we read them aloud at lunchtime.

So, Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory works well for either a first or a second grade program. Be sure to take a moment to look at the placement chart on our site if you haven’t. That is the best way to tell which program will suit your son best.

For proper math placement, you can use the free and accurate printable math placement tests for Singapore Primary Mathematics 3rd and U.S. Edition.

As always, our family carries all of the needed resources for Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. You can check out these resources on our Heart of Dakota website here.

Or, just give us a call at 605-428-4068, and we’d be happy to help with any further questions. Please do leave us a message if we don’t answer right away, as we will probably be homeschooling ourselves!!! We usually return phone calls within 48 hours.


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  1. Jenny Silva

    We have used Beyond Little Hearts for 2 of our children for second grade (they were both 6) and it has worked very well for us.

    1. I am so glad to hear that Beyond Little Hearts worked well for your 2nd graders. We enjoyed it here too with our 2nd grader!

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Meg

    I don’t think it ever crossed my mind to have my children who can read do part of their science and/or history reading independently – what a helpful idea!

    1. Meg,

      I am so glad that this idea is helpful to you! It worked well at our house. It is wonderful to be able to share some ideas that make our homeschool days run more smoothly. Thanks for commenting!


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