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Form the Habit of Getting Nourishment Out of Books

Heart of Dakota - Charlotte Mason Quote
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Charlotte Mason Moment

Give Children the Sort of Books They Can Live Upon.

“. . . And, what is more, the boy who has not formed the habit of getting nourishment out of his books in school-days does not, afterwards, see the good of reading. He has not acquired, in an intellectual sense, the art of reading, so he cannot be said to have lost it; and he goes through life an imperfect person, with the best and most delightful of his powers latent or maimed. Why in the world should we not give children, while they are at school, the sort of books they can live upon; books alive with thought and feeling, and delight in knowledge, instead of the miserable cram-books on which they are starved?” (Home Education by Charlotte M. Mason Vol. 5, p. 291)

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