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Welcome to the Heart of Dakota store! We provide in-depth homeschool curriculum ranging from Preschool all the way through High School.

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Little Hands to Heaven

Ages 2-5

Little Hearts for His Glory

Ages 5-7

Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory

Ages 6-8

Bigger Hearts for His Glory

Ages 7-9 with extensions for ages 10-11

Preparing Hearts for His Glory

Ages 8-10 with extensions for ages 11-12

Creation to Christ

Ages 9-11 with extensions for ages 12-13

Resurrection to Reformation

Ages 10-12 with extensions for ages 13-14

Revival to Revolution

Ages 11-13 with extensions for ages 14-15

Missions to Modern Marvels

Ages 12-14 with extensions for ages 15-16

World Geography

Ages 13-15 extending to grades 10-12

World History

Ages 14-16 extending to grades 11-12

U.S. History I

Ages 15-17 extending to grade 12

U.S. History II

Ages 16-18

Drawn into the Heart of Reading

Literature for Grades 2-8