Calico Captive

This superb biography of the printer, statesman, author, reformer, inventor, and ambassador reveals a Benjamin Franklin who in his time lived more lives than many men put together. Benjamin Franklin lived in turbulent times and met those times head-on with passion and gusto.

From his Quaker childhood to his early days as a printer’s apprentice, to running away and being a stranger in the City of Brotherly Love, and to being labeled the “Water American” in London, Ben’s youth was filled with adventures and challenges that taught him invaluable lessons about human nature.

These lessons would serve him well when he grew to be a leader of the young colonies as they faced the tyranny of Britain. As a leader in the American Revolution he was indispensable, and as an ambassador to England and later to France he won the hearts of the nation by his simple Quaker wisdom and geniality.

All these things were accomplished while he pursued his interests as a scientist, inventor, and prolific author. In everything he did, Franklin was always compelled by how he might best serve his fellow man. The brilliance and inexhaustible ingenuity of mind that fascinated his contemporaries continues to charm us now in Daugherty’s work.

Benjamin Franklin’s life epitomizes his own quote from Poor Richard’s Almanac, “Well done is better than well said.” As with all of Daugherty’s books, illustrations of two- and three-colors compliment the meaty text for the enjoyment of all.