Exploration Education Kit: Advanced

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We are excited to partner with Exploration Education to recommend and offer to you this truly wonderful physical science curriculum. The advanced version builds on the foundation of the standard version, expanding it by adding 72 lessons and 3 additional projects. This course establishes a strong understanding of physical science and introduces the students to the foundational concepts of high school physics, including how to follow an accurate lab write-up. Exploration Education’s Advanced Physical Science Curriculum contains 36 chapters and 180 guided lessons online, with 144 experiments/activities to record in the student logbook utilizing 10 projects that the students build.

You can watch a video overview of the Advanced Course here.

You can view the Table of Contents here.

Projects include building a glider, a steamboat, a house, an electric racer, a circuit, a motor, a balance scale, a rocket, an uno-guitar, and a solar fan. The Advanced Kit includes all needed materials, allows students to work independently, provides the thoroughness of a text, and utilizes a hands-on approach. The advanced version includes all of the standard version and adds two lessons per week to the standard version’s lessons, bringing the total to five lessons each week. These additional lessons cover topics that are more involved and lay a solid foundation for future science courses as well. Real life projects built by the student make scientific principles tangible and concrete. Not only do the students learn and retain the information, but they also find themselves enjoying and succeeding in science.

Students not only follow the scientific method when conducting their experiments, but they also learn and follow the steps involved in an accurate lab write-up. In addition to the vocabulary quizzes found in the standard version, the advanced version includes four quarter exams. Also included are study guides specifically designed to teach the student how to prepare for the exams.

The advanced version of the student logbook is used to record answers to questions, scientific data, and lab write-ups. Each page is laid out to easily facilitate accurate and clear records of the experiments, resulting in a complete portfolio of the student’s work. It also includes an index/glossary. The teacher’s manual has assessment pages, answer key, and unit exams.

You can view sample pages from the Advanced Logbook here.

One Advanced Logbook is included with the kit. If you have a second student, you can purchase an additional logbook here.