Exploration Education Kit: Standard

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We are excited to partner with Exploration Education to recommend and offer to you this truly wonderful physical science curriculum. Exploration Education’s Standard Physical Science Curriculum contains 36 chapters and 108 guided lessons online, with 108 experiments/activities to record in the student logbook utilizing 7 projects that the students build.

You can watch a video overview of the Standard Course here.

You can view the Table of Contents here.

Projects include building an electric racer, a circuit, a motor, a balance scale, a rocket, an uno-guitar, and a solar fan. The Standard Kit includes all needed materials, allows students to work independently, provides the thoroughness of a text, and utilizes a hands-on approach. The standard version is presented in a straight forward, easily understood, and hands-on manner. Real life projects built by the student make scientific principles tangible and concrete. Not only do the students learn and retain the information, but they also find themselves enjoying and succeeding in science.

Each lesson begins with a chapter online covering the scientific principle the student will be learning. This is followed by comprehension questions. Next, each scientific principle is applied in an experiment or activity, typically using the student built project. The step-by-step pictorial instructions online ensure success. Each section (8 total) is followed up by a review that assesses the student’s understanding of the major topics covered. After each review the student can do a fun “Captain Code” activity.

The student logbook is used to record answers and scientific data using the scientific method. It also includes an index/glossary. The teacher’s manual has the answer key with sample hypothesis and theories, and assessment pages.

You can view sample pages from the Standard Logbook here.

One Standard Logbook is included with the kit. If you have a second student, you can purchase an additional logbook here.