The Story of Inventions

Now updated, The Story of Inventions covers key innovations from the 15th through the 20th century. Great inventions, historical biographies, strong morals, and the Godly character traits necessary for success are highlighted in this collection of stories of inventors and their inventions.

From the steam engine and the printing press to television and computers, a wide range of inventions is covered in short chapters that are told in an interesting way. Each chapter is more than a history of a particular invention; it is also the story of the inventors who created these new products and processes. Readers learn how major inventions came about and how the character traits of each inventor contributed to their success.

This edition includes black and white illustrations that help the reader grasp details regarding important inventions that have changed the way people live. The twenty-one chapters in this book have been divided into four units: power, manufacturing, communication, and transportation. These chapters provide the framework for the Revival to Revolution inventors’ study and are interspersed with longer, more in-depth biographies to give students a better understanding of both the inventors and the times in which they lived. This book is scheduled for the student to read independently.

Note: The Christian Liberty Press, Second Edition of this book is required for use with Revival to Revolution.