The Exciting World of Creative Writing

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

This really is an “exciting” book about creative writing. Author Ruth McDaniel has written many short stories which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. She is an ideal person to create a book to help others follow in her footsteps. Consequently, this is a practical, meaty, interesting resource rather than a school exercise-oriented book, although, it does have a few exercises to review grammar and sentence construction essentials early in the book. The bulk of the book is creative writing lessons for prose and poetry, with major concentration on short stories. McDaniel includes numerous inspiring and instructive examples, so we get the feeling, “This isn’t so difficult!”

She offers solid advice for figuring out what to say and how to say it for the greatest effectiveness. McDaniel views writing as a means of conveying the Gospel and Christian principles through stories that show rather than preach God’s message. This perspective and guiding purpose is very evident throughout the lessons.

At the end are proofreading and evaluating guidelines, then information on critiques and copyrights, because students who complete this course are likely to be writing publishable pieces. Although the publisher recommends it for grades 7-9, it is appropriate for high school students and even aspiring adult authors. Students can complete some of the writing exercises within the book itself, but they will also need a separate notebook for lengthier writing assignments.

Topics covered include the tools needed for writing, review of sentence structures, poetry styles and techniques, writing dialogue, outlining a story, writing powerful beginnings and endings, rewriting and proofreading, manuscript preparation and critiques, copyrights, how to get published, and a Christian philosophy of writing. Engaging examples of writing from well-known authors are included to provide students with inspiration and guidance in their own writing.

Note: Lessons will be scheduled weekly in Revival to Revolution. We will omit chapters 3-4 of this text due to thorough coverage of these topics within Rod and Staff English.