With Daring Faith

As a child, Amy Carmichael was a brown-eyed bundle of energy. No one realized that this young British girl’s spirit would one day be used by the Lord to care for thousands of Hindu children on the other side of the world.

Unafraid of public criticism, Amy Carmichael revealed to the Western world the spiritual bondage of India as well as the suffering of thousands under the supposedly “benign” religion of Hinduism. She raised a plea for the little children who were being sold into lives of shame as slaves in Hindu temples. Never content to do things man’s way, when the Lord was showing her a better way, Amy Carmichael was one of the first missionaries in India to adopt Indian dress.

This wonderful biography of Amy Carmichael reveals her strong faith in God as she determines to rescue children from India’s temples. Amid Christians who considered manual labor dishonorable, she cheerfully settled down to doing her share of the work with the Dohnavur children.

But the qualities of Amy Carmichael that will stand out to the reader are her daring faith, her overcoming spirit, and her tender love for the children she sought to rescue. She was their beloved “Amma,” or “Mother.” Her family grew to almost a thousand children before her death in 1951. In Amy Carmichael’s victories in India, we see the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ over the powers of darkness.