Fifty States Under God

This item is consumable. You will need one per student.

This course provides an overview of the building of our nation, state by state. In the course of studying events of particular interest to each state, the student sees, from a Christian perspective, how these events affected that state and our nation as a whole. The body of the book contains state-specific pages, with each state being allotted four pages to provide an overview of that state.

The first of these pages holds interesting facts and trivia about cities, inventions, and other claims to fame for that state. These facts are often quirky and fun to read!

The second page on each state provides the state’s nickname to unscramble, the state motto to decode, miniature cut and paste symbols (bird, tree, flower and flag, as well a picture of the state capitol building) from the appendices to place in the spaces provided, interesting information on historical sites and people to read, and a small map to label with the capitol.

The third page includes places for cut and paste images of the state flag and seal, information about the flag and seal’s history and meaning, biographical information about important people related to that state, blanks to fill-in with facts about the state’s economy, and a “Test Your Knowledge” section including a small map to label with the names of surrounding states.

All information needed to fill in these pages, including mini-colored pictures of symbols, is provided in the appendix. The fourth page offers a brief, interesting reading passage on a notable historical event from that state. These stories are fascinating and are often written from a spiritual perspective.