Hands-On History Activity-Paks: Composers

Get to know 42 composers whose contributions spanned the centuries! Also learn about various periods of classical music in Western Civilization from the Middle Ages to Modern times! Lap Book™ projects include a keyboard of musical vocabulary terms, a timeline of the composers, a little book to help in understanding the eras of music, a set of 20 composer cards to match with their popular works, a “pieces with a purpose” project that shows why music was written, and music appreciation sheets which provide a way to become familiar with the music and the masters as students listen to their compositions.

Also included is a file folder display showing orchestra seating from four different historical time periods, so you can watch how the orchestra grew and read about various instruments that were added to it! Beautifully detailed printable pages are provided for all projects. The “Directions Pages” provide printing and assembly instructions. Also included are step-by-step illustrated directions for assembling the Lap Book™.

As an added bonus…

Listen to 29 pieces and movements as you record information about each piece and illustrate a picture to go with it! Included in this Activity-Pak are music files for a variety of works, in MP3 format! (Free MP3 players are available on the internet.)

The Revival to Revolution Guide will coordinate this Activity Pak with The Story of Classical Music CD’s to provide an engaging study of classical music for both parent and child to enjoy together twice weekly.