What in the World? Vol III

Part three of Diana Waring’s popular audio-tour through history, this set of CD’s features an overview of modern history. Uncover the secrets behind charismatic world leaders who gave birth to scientific advancement, religious freedom, and racial reconciliation, as well as those who fostered revolutions, warfare, and/or tyrannical ideologies. Presented from a Biblical worldview, students will be taught history as a series of God-directed events that move both men and nations towards their destiny in Jesus Christ.

Tracks covering Napoleon, The Industrial Revolution, the Victorian Era, Darwin, Marx, Livingstone, Prussia, and China & Hudson Taylor and more will be scheduled in Revival to Revolution. Tracks covering the Balkan Wars, WWI, the Axis powers, Jewish Palestine, Pearl Harbor, WWII, Communism, the state of Israel, and the present times will be used in Missions to Modern Marvels.

This set contains 4 audio CD’s for grades 5-12.